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Benefits of Pay As You Go with Asda Mobile

The days of phone contracts are numbered. With the cost of new handsets rising into the £1000s, it’s hardly surprising that people are looking for cheaper alternatives. They are keeping their handsets for longer, and staying away from long-term contracts. 

Last updated: 30th Sep 2020 at 9:51am

This is where Pay As You Go (PAYG) comes in. Below, we take a look at some of the best benefits of Pay As You Go with Asda Mobile, from saving money on your monthly bill, to having complete freedom and flexibility with no contracts or commitment.

Money | Never exceed your allowance | Flexibility & freedom | Keep your old phone & number | No credit checks



Money is often the biggest concern for people when they’re shopping around for a phone contract. 

With one of our pay as you go bundles, you only pay for what you need, so no more wasting money on data you’re just not using. You’re also saving money by not paying for an expensive new handset.

If you know how much data, minutes and texts you need, you’ll be able to find the best deal for you. If you find that your needs change month to month, with our 30 day deals you can easily switch to a cheaper bundle. 

For someone who just doesn’t use their phone very often, pay as you go is definitely the cheapest option out there. Our current PAYG rates are:



Calls to UK mobiles & landlines

8p per minute


4p per text


5p per MB


You can get started with Asda pay as you go for as little as £1 - order your free SIM today.


Never exceed your allowance

Never spend more than you choose to. On our standard tariff, you can’t spend more than what you’ve topped up, so you can’t get charged any extra money for going over your allowance.

While a few contracts do have capped allowances, some networks are more than happy for you to use up more than you’re meant to, which then results in you incurring additional charges. 

If you do run out of credit, you can easily top-up online. 


Flexibility & Freedom

Pay As You Go gives you ultimate freedom and flexibility. 

With our 30 day bundles, you can switch your deal every month, so you only pay for what you actually need. If you find yourself needing more or less data you have the option of changing this each month.

Ran out of data? Fall back onto our standard PAYG rates or buy a data add-on. With Asda Mobile, you are only ever paying for as much as you use. 

Best of all - there are no contracts! You are not tied down at all, and can come and go as you please.


Keep your old phone & number

With Asda Mobile, you can swap your phone as many times as you like. You could keep your old phone and phone number and save a ton of money and hassle. 

Asda Mobile Pay As You Go SIMs work with any unlocked phone. If your handset is locked to a different network and you want to join Asda Mobile, all you need to do is obtain a PUK code from your current provider.  

You can check out our online range of unlocked phones


No credit checks

Unlike other networks, Asda Mobile does not perform any credit checks when you’re trying to get a SIM deal.

So if, for any reason, your credit isn’t quite up to scratch, this won’t affect your ability to purchase a PAYG bundle with us. You have full control over your finances, and how much you spend each month. 


Is Pay As You Go right for you?

Is PAYG a better option than a contract for you?

After reading through these benefits, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I want the flexibility of choosing how much I pay each month?
  • Do I want the reassurance of knowing I will never be charged for going over my allowance, because I physically can’t exceed it?
  • Do I want to keep my phone?
  • Do I know how much usage I want?

If you’re interested in one of our PAYG bundles, you can browse our super 30-day bundles.

No contracts, no limits
No contracts, no limits

With no contract you have the freedom to flex your usage whenever you need to

Roam like you're home
Roam like you're home

Use your bundle in 50 european destinations for no extra cost

Speed and reliability
Speed and reliability

Powered by the nations largest network you can relax knowing you have the best coverage

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