Benefits of Pay As You Go with Asda Mobile

Are you sick of expensive and restraining mobile phone contracts? Pay as you go is becoming more and more popular amongst mobile users due to the endless list of benefits that come with switching. Maybe it’s time to ask yourself ‘Should I Switch to PAYG with Asda Mobile?’ And the answer is, yes! Here’s just a few of the many reasons why...

Last updated: 6th Mar 2020 at 3:36pm

Save Money | Never Exceed Your Allowance | Keep Your Old Phone & Number | Flexibility and FreedomIs PAYG Right For Me?

Save Money!

If money is one of your main concerns, then this will be the best option for you. Our standard pay as you go tariff allows you to keep your current phone, which means that you won’t have to pay for the cost of a new phone. The days of paying £30+ on a phone contract per month is over, and just think of the cost you can save by switching to pay as you go.

Our standard tariff call costs just 8p per minute to any UK mobile or landline, 4p per text to any UK mobile number, and 5p per MB of data! Order a free sim card today! Or, alternatively, check out our great value PAYG bundles

Never Go Over Your Allowance

Once it’s gone, it’s gone - and we won’t charge you any more! On our standard tariff, you’re only given a certain allowance. This means you won't overspend once you’ve used up your balance. While some monthly contracts have capped allowances, most of them allow you to use up more than you should and surprise you with additional charges for picture messages and running over your data allowance. On our pay as you go plan, you only use and pay for what you need.

If you do run out of allowances there are multiple ways in which you can top-up; using a top-up card, voucher, by phone or by text. Check out our top-up page for further information.

Keep Your Old Mobile Phone & Number

Keeping your old mobile phone can save you money, with new phones such as the iPhone 11 Pro Max exceeding £1000 people are keeping their old phones for longer. Find out how to keep your old mobile number.

Using our pay as you go standard tariff means you’re not tied down - unlike monthly contracts, which are often 12 months or 24 months long. If you know you’ll be needing a little extra data one month, all you need to do is top-up more than usual.

If you’re on a phone contract, however, you’ll need to wait for it to end before you can change your minutes, texts and data allowance as it is part of a signed contract. If you’re desperate to leave your contract before it expires, you’ll have to pay a hefty termination fee to be able to do so.

Flexibility and Freedom

One of the most attractive benefits of PAYG is the flexibility and freedom. By using a sim only deal you can swap phones as often as you wish whilst keeping the same number, data, call and text allowances! Many of our customers find this extremely handy as mobile phone contracts usually limit your allowances. With a sim only plan, you are in control.

Having a Pay As You Go tariff also gives you the flexibility and freedom to put your sim card into any unlocked phone, for help activating your SIM Card read our FAQs. We know mobile customers like to switch their phones regularly.

 Check out our in store mobile range here.

Is Pay As You Go Right For Me?

Should you choose our pay as you go standard tariff instead of a monthly contract?

After weighing up the benefits, ask yourselves these questions to know once and for all:

  • Do I want a cheaper tariff?
  • Do I want to keep my current phone
  • Do I own an unlocked sim free handset?
  • Do I want the freedom to choose how much I pay each month?
  • Do I want the security of never going over my allowance?
  • Am I a light mobile phone user?

Why not order a free sim card today and become an Asda Mobile Customer. If you’re going abroad or want more allowances, then our 30-day bundles could be the perfect match for you. It only takes minutes to join the Asda mobile network, and once you’re part of the family, you’ll never look back! 

Check out our monthly bundles here or alternatively use our Bundle Calculator to match you with the correct bundle. 

No contracts, no limits
No contracts, no limits

With no contract you have the freedom to flex your usage whenever you need to

Roam like you're home
Roam like you're home

Use your bundle in 50 european destinations for no extra cost

Speed and reliability
Speed and reliability

Powered by the nations largest network you can relax knowing you have the best coverage

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