Archos 55B Platinum Review

Archos have been making mobile phones for decades, and the French company has used that experience to create and release a new smartphone that you can easily afford to buy: the Archos 55B Platinum.

Last updated: 22nd Jan 2019 at 9:35am

Below we are going to explore the features and specifications of the Archos 55B Platinum:

Display and Screen

With this Archos smartphone, you can enjoy an experience that is presented to you over an expansive display. Measuring 5.5” diagonally, the display makes use of a wide colour palette and screen technology (IPS) that helps you view or read the screen content, through wide viewing angles. The large display gives high definition (HD) and a resolution of 720 pixels by 1280 pixels. With this resolution videos, games and apps all look splendidly detailed. There is a level sensor built into the phone, so the display switches automatically between landscape and portrait views. This means that you can enjoy movies in widescreen or tilt the phone the other way to see more of a web page, without needing to scroll down.


The Archos 55B Platinum has a powerful 8MP main camera. The lens is centrally located at the top of the back, which is advantageous to novice photographers because it makes it easy to line up a photo, while keeping fingers away from the lens. Photography is aided by autofocus and poorly lighted scenes can be transformed and flooded with light by the flash. You may also record video at Full HD quality. This is higher than the resolution of the phone’s screen, but you can enjoy the extra detail if you play your recording back on a PC, laptop or TV. Selfies are captured by a secondary 2MP camera. Photos and selfies can be stored on the 8GB internal memory. If in the future you need more memory, then you can purchase and insert a 32GB memory card (microSD). Alternatively, you can store photos in the Google Photos app, which creates an online (Cloud) backup of the photos. These can then be enjoyed on any other internet-connected devices that you own.

Android Operating System

The Archos 55B Platinum has the popular Android 5.1 Lollipop operating system pre-loaded. Created by Google, Android includes many apps including: Gmail (email) Chrome (web browser) Maps, Google Now (voice assistant) Calendar, YouTube, Google Drive (online Cloud storage) When you are out and about you can connect to the internet over 4G, while at home you can save money by connecting to your home Wi-Fi. No matter which way you choose to connect, you can download apps or games from the over 1.3 million that are available in the Play Store.

Archos 55B Platinum more Detail

The Archos 55B Platinum is 9.6mm thick and this makes it a reassuringly grippable. Part of the 205g weight of the phone is accounted for by the 2,400mAh capacity battery. This will allow you to enjoy a long video viewing session of around 7 hours or, the phone will quite happily sit in standby for up to 8 days. There is a quad-core processor that easily handles flicking between apps or undertaking other complex operations. On the top of the phone, there is a 3.5mm earphone jack but you can also share your music through the phone’s dedicated built-in speaker.

The Verdict: The Archos 55B Platinum gives a solid performance for a price that is easily affordable.

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