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Sanity-Saving Apps Every Parent Needs

Let’s face it, you wouldn’t be a normal parent if your kids didn’t push your sanity from time-to-time. It can be a strain to manage your and your child’s routine, keep them entertained and instil good practices such as completing their homework or doing their chores. 

Last updated: 30th Mar 2020 at 2:53pm

Here we take a look at the sanity-saving apps every parent needs. From limiting screen time to controlling online activity to tracking your babies growth.

FamilyTime – Android & iOS

FamilyTime is a superb app because it wraps up many parenting tools in one app giving parents precise control over the content that a child can see. You can set time limits for the phone as a whole, as well as block access to any app that you deem inappropriate.

A useful feature in this app is geofencing, this allows parents to track the location of their child and receive alerts when their child moves in or out of an area that you have added.

Further features include the option to set homework times and bedtime, along with monitoring texts and calls. A free version is available with selected features and there is a paid version with a small annual subscription.

Download on Android or iOS here. 

ChoreMonster – iOS

ChoreMonster is designed for kids aged 4-12 years old. As the name suggests, you can set chores for children, who get a separate log-in where they can mark them as completed. You can add many different chores such as brushing their teeth, putting their clothes in the laundry basket, making their bed or emptying the dishwasher.

Of course, motivation is key. ChoreMonster offers this by letting your kids earn points for chores completed. Kids can exchange these points for rewards that you deem appropriate, such as time on their PlayStation, ice cream, an allowance or eating out. ChoreMonster is free and you can download it from iTunes.

Download on iOS here.

BabyTime – Android & iOS

BabyTime is an app for new mothers for tracking all aspects of their babies care. You can track bottle feeding, breastfeeding, sleep routines, and diaper changes. Remembering what to do and when is made simple with reminders for feeding and diaper changes.

Recording your babies growth is important and BabyTime can help you with this by creating weight and height charts. The app is free and you can download it from Google Play or iTunes here.

Cozi Family Organizer – Android & iOS

Any busy parent who is juggling many tasks will find a lot of relief through the Cozi Family Organizer app. The app is split into several key areas including a Family Calendar, To Do Lists, Shopping Lists, Recipe Box, and Family Journal.

If you can imagine getting home from doing your weekly grocery shop only to find out that another member has just used all of the milk, then you will really love this app. Any family member can add items to the shopping list in real-time. You can also create to-do lists with tasks or chores that your children can see.

Download on Android or iOS here.

Photomath – Android & iOS

Photomath is great for parents who struggle to understand their child's math homework (it’s not as uncommon as you think)! If you don’t understand how to solve the math problem, then you can simply take a photo of the question and Photomath will give you the answer and the method used to solve it.

This maths app tackles everything from calculus to arithmetic and from fractions to trigonometry. Finally, you can be the tutor that your child has been looking for.

Download on Android or iOS here.

Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame – Android & iOS

Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame is a research-based app that helps children learn to deal with everyday challenges in a calm way. The apps system teaches your child how to tackle problem-solving in a fun and engaging way.

Fun animated monster interactions hide the true meaning of the app, as your child is exposed to crucial emotional vocabulary and breathing techniques, through everyday challenges. Your kids will learn vital social skills and learn to stay on task. The app is part of the Sesame Street Little Children, Big Challenges initiative and it is free to download on your Apple or Android devices.

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