Android vs iOS

Today’s smartphone market is dominated by two operating systems, namely Android and iOS. The Android OS is a creation of Google and you will find it on mobile phones from many brands, including Samsung, Huawei, Sony, and Nokia. iOS is a creation of Apple and you will find this on all iPhones.

Last updated: 16th Oct 2018 at 4:14pm

Android and iOS are constantly trying to offer a better service than each other. For the everyday consumer like me and you, this is great because it drives innovation and improves the overall user experience. Some Mac users prefer iPhone & IOS as it all connects giving an integrated experience, integrating Android with Mac is more difficult (I wonder why?) so avid Android users lean towards Windows.


Price could very well be the deciding factor for you before you even consider the quirks of each OS. Apple iPhones tend to be a tad more expensive, although occasionally Apple will make a more affordable iPhone and the iPhone SE is a good example of this. Check out which iPhone is right for you in another one of our articles.

Android smartphones give you the greatest choice when it comes to price. You can buy an Android smartphone for as a low as £30 or go premium and spend hundreds of pounds. The Samsung J3 is a great option at the lower end of the market.

Upgrading your OS

If you buy an iPhone or a Google Pixel smartphone, then you will enjoy the latest OS update, almost as soon as it is released. This means that you will enjoy the latest services and features, without having to buy a new mobile phone.

However, if you buy an Android smartphone from a brand other than Google, then you may be waiting months for an update to the latest OS. It may also be the case then you will never get the update at all. Google and its Android OS are working on this situation, so we should expect to see more Android phones touting guaranteed ‘OS upgrades for at least three years’.

Android features vs iOS features

Android and iOS offer many features that are available through apps. Both have an app store and many apps are developed for both. A great example of this is Google Maps, which is available for download on iPhones. You can find productivity apps, games, transportation apps, fitness apps and much more.

So, what are the difference between iOS and Android?

  1. Personalisation - This is slightly limited on iOS but with Android, you can customise to heart's content and even download new launchers that will give your phone a whole new look and way of operation.
  2. Widgets - You can place widgets on any screen on Android phones and many apps have a widget. On iOS, you can only find widgets in the Notification Centre or Today View.
  3. Messaging - iOS 11 puts Apple Pay inside its iMessage app so that you can send money to your friends or family. Android phones can use the pre-installed messaging app or download one of many messaging apps in the Play Store.
  4. Security - Security updates are generally released quicker on iOS devices. Apple can push out a security update to all of its iPhones, while Google updates need to go to the phone manufacturer first so that it can adapt the update to work with their phones.
  5. Gaming - Both operating systems have stand-out games but game developers who are looking to make money, tend to choose iOS first. This is partly due to Android user expectations, where they expect to find free games first.

The debate is far from over and as we have mentioned, the price could well be the deciding factor for you. Asda Mobile SIM cards are compatible with all devices and until August 28th you can get double data on all our 30-day bundles when you set up a recurring top-up. It couldn’t really get much better… free extra data and the ability to never have to worry about topping up again. Order your free sim now!

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