Alcatel U5 Review

The Alcatel U5 is a very affordable mobile phone. Despite its super-low price, Alcatel has spent a good deal of time thinking about exciting and interesting features to add to this handset. You can find this handset in selected stores subject to availability.

Last updated: 12th Sep 2019 at 10:50am

Selfie Fun On The Alcatel U5

The selfie camera on the Alcatel U5 has a 2MP Resolution. This captures brilliant detail for a camera that snaps portraits at no more than arm’s length. The camera’s LED Flash immediately catches the eye. You don’t usually get flashes on front cameras, so you really can capture selfies at night or indoors when lighting is poor, with the Alcatel U5.

The selfie camera app has five features that you are likely to use on a regular basis:

  • Face Beauty - A simple slider lets you apply skin filters, to varying degrees, to smooth your skin and change your features
  • Face Mask - Add these pre-loaded masks to any photo or video for a bit of fun
  • Face Show - Create animations that you can share to grab friend’s attention
  • Instant Collage - Simply pick a pre-loaded collage shape and then snap away until each slot is filled
  • Smart Selfie Album - Find your best selfies with ease in this dedicated portrait album

And if you’re interested in the best free photo editing apps to experiment with alongside these great handset features read our latest blog - ‘Top 5 best photo editing apps’ here.

Alcatel U5 Main Camera

The main cameraon the Alcatel U5 has a 5MP Resolution and once again, there is a LED Flash. For an inexpensive smartphone, you really don’t come up short when it comes to shooting modes:

  • Pano - Pan from left to right to capture more of the landscape
  • Night Mode - Low light enhancements ensure good results with minimal interference
  • Burst - Hold the volume key and take a burst of photos
  • Video - Built-in image stabilisation means that you can record even when you are moving
  • Time-lapse - Use time to capture movement in creative ways

The Alcatel U5 has an 8GB internal memory for storing your photos and videos. Should you need more memory in the future, then you can insert a Memory Card and you can purchase these for almost no money at all.

Alcatel U5 Design

The Alcatel U5 looks and feels great. Rather than having a plain design, Alcatel has added a little design flair. There is a textured power button and a textured micro-patterned back cover.

The front face is filled with an ample 5” display, while inside there is a 2,050mAh battery that will keep you powered up all day long.

Alcatel U5 Apps & Features

Google’s Android Marshmallow operating system brings with it popular apps, such as Maps for GPS navigation, the Chrome Web Browser, YouTube and Gmail, among others. You can download new apps, music, videos and games from the Android Play Store.

This brings us nicely onto one of the Alcatel U5’s most useful features: the Turbo Download feature, which can be used if you are downloading a file, game, video or app that is 20MB or larger.

Under these circumstances the phone can connect to your home Wi-Fi and 4G at the same time. This cuts the download time in half, so that you can get on and enjoy your new game or video as soon as possible.

Other features that you are really going to appreciate includes the Phone Guard app. This app includes a virus scanner, performance boost feature and battery saver. These tools ensure that the quad-core processor gives the same great performance, month after month.


Alcatel has made every penny count and put together a phone that will delight people who are looking for a cheap Android phone with a fun camera app. Don’t forget, if you’re looking for a great SIM only deal to accompany your phone, check out our deals here. 

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