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Advantages of SIM only deals

If you’re unsure about which sort of deal you want for your smartphone, we’re here to help. If you want to save money and avoid the hassle of contracts, you might want to consider switching to a SIM only plan. Check out some of the many benefits of SIM only below to see if it’s the right choice for you. 

What is SIM only?

SIM only is a mobile plan where you only pay for your network usage, rather than your usage and the cost of your handset. 

You can get SIM only as a monthly rolling bundle, like with Asda mobile, or as a fixed term deal that can last for a year or two. 

SIM only with Asda mobile

With us, there are three different ways you can switch to SIM only:

1. Pay As You Go

If you choose a Pay As You Go plan, you only pay for exactly what you use. Simply top-up your phone and take advantage of our great rates. It’s flexible, easy to control, and the most affordable option for people who don’t use their phone a lot.

2. Monthly bundle

We have loads of great value monthly bundles for you to choose from. We’ve got something for everyone, from deals with just minutes and texts, to bundles with unlimited data. 

All our bundles include:

  • Unlimited minutes and texts
  • 4G or 5G compatibility
  • No contracts or credit checks
  • Roaming in 36 European destinations
  • Up to 99% UK population coverage

Our current SIM only monthly bundles:













































*Speed limited to 2Mbps
**Speed limited to 10Mbps

3. Recurring bundle

Although our bundles last one calendar month, you could always make it recur! You’ll get the same deal each month until you decide to change, upgrade, or cancel your bundle. You can set up a recurring bundle through My Account

Advantages of SIM only

There are many advantages of going SIM only. 


SIM only deals are (usually) more affordable than a phone contract. This is because you’re not paying for your handset at the same time as your network. 

Over the term of a phone contract, you usually end up paying more than what the phone is actually worth. With a SIM only deal, you’ve already purchased the phone upfront, so you’re not being charged extra. Still on the lookout for a new handset? Take a look at what’s available in our phone shop.

You can also shop around and find the best deal at the right price for you. If your SIM and phone come together, you could be locked into a suboptimal contract for a long time. 

With SIM only at Asda, you only have to pay what you want to pay. If you buy a bundle that’s too much for you, you only have to wait a month to switch to a cheaper deal. With pay as you go, you’ll never spend more than you top-up.

Flexibility to change bundle

Most phone contracts tie you in for 12 to 24 months, so you run the risk of being trapped in a deal that doesn’t reflect your phone usage. You could be overpaying for mobile data that you don’t use, for example. 

With a monthly bundle from Asda mobile, you’re not tied into any contract, and you’re free to come and go as you please. You can monitor your overall usage and change your allowance each month to have more or less data. This way, you’re never paying for more than what you use. 

Swap your phone whenever you like

You have the freedom to swap, upgrade, and buy a new phone whenever you like on a SIM only bundle. You’re not tied into contracts where you’re actively paying off the phone and forced to keep it for a set amount of time. 

In a phone contract, you’d usually have to buy the phone and complete the whole contract before being allowed to replace it. And even then, the phone is usually locked to the network you bought it from, making it more difficult to switch to a new network. But with a SIM only deal, you can swap to a different handset whenever you want.

Further, phone contracts usually focus on brand new handsets, like the latest iPhone or Samsung. Not only are you paying off a handset alongside your usage, you could be paying for the most expensive device on the market. 

With SIM only, you can take the time to choose the right phone for you, so even if you pay it in instalments, you’d still be able to afford it alongside your network bills. You have complete control over your expenditures. 

Consider a refurbished phone or take a look at some of our budget-friendly recommendations

Network benefits

With an Asda mobile SIM only deal, you have access to all of our other network benefits! These include unlimited data plans, 5G, Wi-Fi and 4G calling, ‘roam like you’re at home’, and an online account to keep track of everything. 

Is SIM only right for you?

It’s simple, really. 

  • Do you like saving money?
  • Do you only want to pay for what you use?
  • Do you want the flexibility to change your allowance each month?
  • Are you worried about being stuck in a 12-month contract?
  • Do you want the freedom to change your phone whenever you like?

If you answered yes to some or all of these, then SIM only is right for you! 

For a more affordable, flexible, and stress-free smartphone experience, kickstart your SIM only journey with Asda mobile.

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No contracts, no limits

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Powered by Vodafone

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