The Advantages of SIM Only Bundles

Raise your hand if the idea of signing up for a two-year mobile contract makes your skin crawl. They’re lengthy, expensive, and impossible to get out of without paying a hefty termination fee.

Last updated: 17th Oct 2018 at 1:31pm

But what if you still like having a set mobile allowance each month? Let’s take a look at Asda Mobiles Pay As You Go Bundles and see all the advantages they have to offer.

  1. They're Fantastic Value
  2. You Have More Flexibility
  3. You Receive The Same Great Service

1. They’re Fantastic Value

Let’s start with the obvious: pay as you go bundles are much cheaper than monthly contracts. If you’re watching your monthly costs, there is no doubt bundles will be the perfect option for you. The reason they’re so cheap is that you’re only paying for data, texts, and minutes - unlike traditional mobile phone contracts, which add in the cost of a new phone.

Asda Mobile bundles start from just £5 for 250MB of data, 125 minutes, and 2,000 texts. Pretty great, right? And you’ll get to keep your current mobile phone as well as your phone number.

Want your old number on your new SIM? Click Here.

2. You Have More Flexibility

With a 30-day bundle, you’re not tied into a lengthy contract - because who wants to commit to 24-months of the same allowance? Mobile customers needs and habits change over time, we believe that Asda Mobile customers should be able to customise their allowance to suit their needs. Unfortunately, contracts don’t allow you to do so, and going over can lead to unnecessary fines.

Our 30-day bundles allow you to choose your allowance each month, so you’ve got all the flexibility you need to make sure your bundle suits you. There’s options for everyone, from those who only have £5 to spare, or customers who require 12GB of data  or more for all of their streaming needs. Check out our bundles right here and find the one that’s right for you! Not sure how much data, texts and minutes you need? Use our Bundles Calculator to get a personalised bundle.

Our SIMS even cater to creatures of habit who prefer having the same allowances each month. Our bundles offer you the option of auto-renewing every 30 days. This works just like a contract, except you’re free to leave anytime you wish - without having to pay an inconvenient fee.

We provide Pay As You Go SIM cards to fit all devices. When you sign up, you can choose from Standard, Micro or Nano SIMs.

3. You Receive The Same Great Service

Worried that a bundle won’t give you all the advantages a contract does? It’s time to put those fears to rest, because Asda Mobile offers the same amazing service as any other contract provider. For example, you’ll still benefit from the fastest 4G speeds in the country, powered by our network partner EE Mobile.

Bundles also allow you to use your texts, calls, and data abroad at no extra cost. Find out more about the EU’s ‘roam like at home’ regulations!

Furthermore we pride ourselves on great customer service, if you’re ever in doubt get in touch with us on Twitter or our Customer Service line.

Should I get a 30-day bundle?

Let’s find out if one of our bundles is the best option for your needs with some simple questions:

  • Do I want a cheaper tariff?
  • Do I want to keep my current phone or buy a SIM free handset?
  • Do I want to keep my current phone number?
  • Do I want the freedom to choose how much I pay each month and adapt my allowance to my usage?

If you answer yes to all these questions, our 30-day bundles are perfect for you!

But don’t forget we also offer a PAYG standard tariff for lighter users, which you can read about here.

Still not sure?

No contract, no limits.

With no contract you have the freedom to flex your usage whenever you need to

Roam like you're home

Use your bundle in 50 European destinations for no extra cost.

Speed and Reliability

Powered by the nations largest network you can relax knowing you have the best coverage

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