Advantages of SIM only deals

If you’re unsure about which sort of deal you want for your phone, we’re here to help. Choosing between a phone contract and a SIM only plan can be difficult, so we’ve put together some of the top benefits of going SIM only so you can find out if it’s the right choice for you. 

What is SIM only?

At its simplest, a SIM only is a type of mobile plan where you only pay for your network usage, rather than your network usage and your handset. SIM only deals can come in all shapes and sizes, from monthly rolling bundles, to fixed term deals that last for a year or two.

With a SIM only deal, you’ll need an unlocked handset. If your smartphone is locked to a network, you’ll need to find your PUK code to unlock it. 

SIM only with Asda mobile

There are three different ways to go SIM only with Asda mobile:

  1. A Pay As You Go plan
  2. A monthly bundle
  3. A recurring bundle (where you roll over the same usage each month)

Our current SIM only monthly bundles are:













































*Speed limited to 2MBs per second

**Speed limited to 10MBs per second

Advantages of SIM only

There are many advantages of going SIM only. Check out our top reasons below.


You save more money with a SIM only deal, as they’re much cheaper than a phone contract. 

The main reason is because you won’t be paying for a handset at the same time. Over the term of a phone contract, you’ll end up paying more than what the handset is actually worth. You’ll save quite a bit in the long run if you bought the phone upfront alongside a SIM only deal

You can also pick a more appropriate deal that suits you, therefore saving money. If you’re looking for a specific phone, you may have to compromise on your usage allowance, and may end up paying for data that you just don’t use. 

If you went with a pay as you go SIM, you’ll only be paying for exactly how much data, texts and minutes you use each month - never under or over. 


Most phone contracts tie you in for 12 or 24 months, so you run the risk of remaining trapped in a deal that’s unsuitable for your usage, or one where you’re drastically overpaying. 

With one of our monthly bundles, you’re not tied in to any contract. You’re free to come and go as you please. Additionally, our bundles allow you to change your allowance each month, so you can pick and choose how much data, texts and minutes you pay for every month. 

This flexibility allows you to save money, as you’ll never pay for more than you use. 

You can use My Account to change your bundle each month. 

Same great network benefits

When you buy an Asda SIM only deal, you can take advantage of our great network benefits. These include unlimited data plans, 5G plans, up to 99% UK population coverage, Wi-Fi calling, roam like you’re at home in 36 countries, and online account management. 

Swap your phone

SIM only is increasing in popularity due to its freedom and flexibility. With Asda mobile, you can swap your phone as many times as you like on a SIM only deal. This is because you’re not tied into a contract where you’re paying for your handset on top of your usage. 

In a contract, you’ll usually have to keep paying for your phone and complete the whole contract before considering replacing it.

Freedom to buy a cheaper phone

With phone contracts, you’ll more often than not be looking at brand new handsets, and if you’ve seen the price of iPhone’s these days, you’ll know they can cost £1,000s! With a SIM only deal, you can take more time to purchase the right handset for you, including second-hand, refurbished, or budget phones

The whole market widens when you’re not tied into a phone contract!

Is SIM only right for you?

If you want more freedom, flexibility, and control over your finances each month, without the worry of being tied into a long contract, then SIM only is a good choice for you. 

Learn even more about starting your SIM only journey with Asda mobile, including how to join, more benefits, which services are available to use, how to seek support, and more!

Browse our deals online and find the perfect bundle for you.

No contracts, no limits

With no contract you have the freedom to flex your usage whenever you need to.

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Powered by Vodafone with up to 99% UK population coverage.

Cap your spend

Put a limit on how much you spend every month so you don't need to worry about getting a big bill.

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