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8GB of data: How much is it and how long does it last?

If you’re looking for a new data plan that’s a little under 10GB, this might be the best plan for you. Find out if 8GB will last long enough for your monthly mobile data usage in our breakdown below. 

How much is 8GB of data?

8GB is a little difficult to quantify as it lies between the more common data plans of 5GB and 10GB. 

According to Ofcom’s 2021 report, people on average opt for 4.5GB of mobile data per month. With that in mind, an 8GB is just under double the average plan. For people who want around 10GB, but for a little less money, an 8GB data plan might be the most cost-effective deal. 

How long does 8GB of data last?

Simply put, different activities on your smartphone will use up different amounts of mobile data. 

Some activities will only eat up a few megabytes (MB) from your data allowance, whereas others could consume a gigabyte (GB) or more! Take a look at our table below for a breakdown of data by activity:


Data consumption

Browsing the internet

60MB per hour

Listening to music


10.8MB per hour (24kbps)

43.2MB per hour (96kbps)

72MB per hour (160kbps)

144MB per hour (320kbps)

Watching Netflix

1GB per hour (standard definition)

3GB per hour (HD)

Watching YouTube videos

1.56GB per hour (1080p)

2.7GB per hour (4K)

Browsing social media

90MB per hour (scrolling)

156MB per hour (interacting)

Using Skype / FaceTime


270MB per hour



180MB per hour

The more data that needs to transfer, the more of your allowance you’ll use up. 

For example, browsing the internet uses very little data, as you’re only loading up web pages which (generally) have small file sizes. 

On the other hand, watching a Netflix episode or YouTube video uses significantly more mobile data per hour. This is because video files are incredibly large in comparison to web pages. 

To save data, you could play videos in a lower definition, or download episodes prior to disconnecting from Wi-Fi.

Similarly, you can see how different audio qualities alter how much mobile data is consumed. If you stream a Spotify song or playlist in its highest quality, it will consume more data than in a lower quality. It’s up to you to judge which quality to use so you don’t run out of data early. 

How many hours will 8GB of data last for?

Now you know how much MB or GB each activity uses up, let's take a look at how long each of these tasks can last for with 8GB of data. 


Time duration with 8GB*

Browsing the internet

133 hours

Listening to music


740 hours (24kbps)

185 hours (96kbps)

111 hours (160kbps)

55 hours (320kbps)

Watching Netflix

8 hours (standard definition)

2.6 hours (HD) / 39 minutes (HD)

Watching YouTube videos

5 hours (1080p)

2.9 hours (4K)

Browsing social media

88 hours (scrolling)

51 hours (interacting)

Using Skype / FaceTime


29 hours



44 hours

*Calculated based on data consumption values in previous table - 8000MB or 8GB / XXMB or XXGB

With 8GB of data, you could stream songs (using Spotify’s lowest quality) non-stop for an entire month, though you’d probably never do this!

You could use your allowance to browse the internet or interact on social media for hours a day without the worry of running out. You could even FaceTime or Skype a friend or loved one for a couple of hours per week. 

If you don’t need to use your data for much else, you could watch YouTube or Netflix videos during a long commute and still have a little data left at the end of your journey. 

Is 8GB of data enough for me?

As you can see, 8GB is plenty for an average mobile user. It could be the most ideal mobile data plan for you if:

  • You enjoy streaming audio content on the go
  • You watch video content on mobile data sparingly throughout the month
  • You browse the internet and other applications often
  • You’re looking for a deal close to 10GB, but with a little more affordability

This bundle size wouldn’t be suitable for someone who needs mobile data all of the time - you’re better off with an unlimited plan.

Bundles with Asda mobile

We don’t currently offer an 8GB data plan, but we do have a number of great value bundles from as little as £5.

Until February 19th 2022, we are offering DOUBLE DATA on all standard recurring bundles, so you can get 10GB of data for just £7 per month! This includes unlimited minutes and texts, as well as 5G compatibility and 99% UK population coverage.

Our bundles are contract free and last for just one calendar month. If you ever find you’re using under or over your allowance, you can simply change it for next month. 

You can also opt to buy data add-ons if you find yourself needing just a little bit more in a month! 

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