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15GB of Data: How Much Is It & How Long Does It Last?

Though access to Wi-Fi is a common luxury we can find in most places as we’re out and about, sometimes you need to switch on your mobile data to connect to the internet. But do you really know how much data you’re soaking up while doing certain activities on your phone? Do you know how much you really need?

If you’re here to decide whether 15GB is too much or too little for you, you’re in the right place. In this guide we’ll cover:


What is mobile data?

Mobile data allows you to access the internet when there is no Wi-Fi to connect to. When you’re outside, for example, you are not usually in range of any routers that are inside shops or cafes, so you might need to put on your mobile data in order to browse the web. 

Most mobile data connections are 3G or 4G, which represents the speed at which the data operates. The higher the number, the faster the connection. 5G is a fairly recent development in cellular technology, but all of our bundles over £10 offer 5G (if your device supports it!).


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What is a GB?

GB is an abbreviation of ‘gigabytes’, a digital unit of measurement that determines how much information can be processed. It sends and receives this information through your mobile provider. 

Some mobile phone contracts can start with a data offering as low as 250MB (‘megabytes’; smaller than GB) per month. However, we find that amount is only practical for people who don’t tend to use their mobile data that much. 

Many of us usually need 1GB or above to be able to stream or scroll through social media while not connected to Wi-Fi. Phone contracts with higher amounts of data have increased in popularity among mobile users, but it’s helpful to know exactly what certain amounts of data allow you to do, so you don’t spend more money than you need. 


How much is 15GB of data?

To get an idea of how large 15GB of data is, think about the types of things you like to do on your electronic devices. 

  • Do you like to watch Netflix films while on the move? 
  • Do you like to stream songs while out and about?
  • Do you like to watch HD YouTube videos on public transport?
  • Do you often scroll through social media?
  • Do you Skype or FaceTime friends and family while outside?

You can comfortably do all of this and more with 15GB of data. 

We offer a variety of different data allowances across our new bundles, with 18GB as the largest amount at £15. We also offer an amazing deal of 10GB for just £10. There are no contracts with Asda Mobile - you’ve got the freedom and flexibility to change your bundle from month to month!


How many hours will 15GB of data last for?

Mathematically speaking, 15GB of data can last for around 50 hours at low definition. Compare your favourite pastimes with the table below; see how much data each uses up to find out how long you can do it for. 


Data Consumption

Time Duration

Watching Netflix

700MB per hour

21 hours

Listening to Spotify

1GB every 7 hours

Over 100 hours

Watching YouTube videos

Varies depending on the definition, from 8MB every 5 minutes on a 240p video, to 62MB every 5 minutes on a 1080p video

Up to 20 hours

Browsing social media

Each platform only uses around 50KB (‘kilobyte’) each refresh


Skype/FaceTime video calling

180MB per hour

Over 50 hours

What can I do for less than 15GB?

If 15GB is too much for you, here’s what you could do with a smaller data allowance:

  • 1GB: Send 5,000 emails
  • 2GB: Watch 200 videos on YouTube
  • 3GB: Browse Facebook for 150 hours
  • 4GB: Browse the web for 180 hours
  • 5GB: Browse Instagram for 15 hours
  • 6GB: Stream the ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy
  • 7GB: Receive 4,000 Snapchat messages
  • 8GB: Video call on Skype or FaceTime for 32 hours
  • 9GB: Listen to 100 hours of a podcast
  • 10GB: Stream 2,500 songs on Spotify
  • 11GB: Send 400,000 WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger messages
  • 12GB: Stream standard definition videos for 24 hours 

So how much data do you think you need? With one of our pay-as-you-go bundles, you can choose anything from 750MB to 15GB. If you’re still not sure how much data you’ll get through, you can easily change your allowance from month to month with Asda Mobile. Order your free SIM today.

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