From: EU USA / Canada / Australia / New Zealand Rest of World Country
Calls to UK 8p 87p £1.49 -
Calls in Country 8p 87p £1.49 -
Calls to EU 8p 87p £1.49 -
Calls to US / Canada / Australia / NZ 40p 87p £1.49 -
Calls to Rest of World £1.20 £1.20 £1.49 -
Receiving a Call 1p 87p £1.49 -
Sending a Text 4p 40p 40p -
Receiving a Text Free 20p 20p -
Sending an MMS 25p 25p 25p -
Receiving an MMS Free Free Free -
Data per MB 5p £7.50 £7.50 -
2732 from your Asda Mobile Free Free Free -
Call customer services on +447953 96 2732 from any number Free from Asda Mobile. Will work from any phone but price will vary.

Need to top-up while you're away?

Remember to register your details with us so that you're able to top-up your SIM while you're abroad. You can find out how here.

Roaming Data Spend

If you're visiting the EU and using data on your PAYG SIM, we'll cap data usage at £40. The roaming cap for the rest of the world is £100. We'll send you a text to let you know when you've used 80% of the relevant caps, then a further text when you've reached the limit and are no longer able to use data.