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Top Up your phone

You can top up in 4 easy ways, click here to find out more.

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Purchase the perfect bundle for you

Starting at just £5 with options to suit everyone’s needs, click here to find out more.

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Enjoy using your bundle!

You can enjoy your bundle for 30 days and top it up to receive the same bundle the following month.

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Top up your phone

Top-up your phone any time during your bundle. We will text you the day before it is due to remind you.

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If there is not enough credit the recurrence stops and has to be set up again. Text sent to confirm the bundle purchase has failed.

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The bundle will recur after 30 days.

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Text sent to confirm bundle purchase.

To change your recurring bundle, first you have to stop your current bundle from recurring by texting STOP AUTO to 2732, or by calling 2732 and speaking to a colleague. Once your current bundle ends you can then change the bundle you buy next.

Text STOP AUTO to 2732 or alternatively you can call the Customer Service Team on 0800 079 2732 and request for the recurrence to be stopped.

You have the option to make your bundle automatically renew every 30 days. To purchase a 30 day bundle text the value of the bundle to 2732. e.g. to buy the £7 bundle text 7 to 2732. To purchase a recurring bundle text the word AUTO followed by the bundle you would like to buy. e.g. to buy the £7 recurring bundle text AUTO 7 to 2732. We will remind you via text the day before your bundle will renew to give you time to top-up or cancel your bundle. If you want to stop your bundle from recurring text STOP AUTO to 2732. If you are unsure which bundle you have activated you can text BAL to 2732 for free to check. Our Blackberry bundle will automatically renew as long as you have at least £5 credit on your account on the renewal day.

To check which bundle you have on your account, you can text MY BUNDLE to 2732 for free, or alternatively you can call 2732 from your handset and follow the instructions on the automated service.

No, it is not currently possible for us to automatically take payments. You should continue to top up by either Top-up card, credit or debit card or by voucher. You’ll receive a text the day before your bundle is due to be renewed to give you time to top up beforehand.

Generally, bundle minutes, texts and data are for use in the UK only. To see our roaming rates for all locations, please click here.