30 Day bundles

Whether you're a chatterbox or a social surfer, you should try one of our fantastic new 30 day bundles! With more minutes, texts and data than ever before, there is bound to be one to suit you. Just top up your mobile with enough credit for your chosen bundle and follow the instructions below.


100 mins

2000 texts

100MB data

Perfect to get you started and chatting to your friends in no time

To get this bundle text 5 to 2732


300 mins

Unlimited texts

500MB data

Stay connected on the go, whether it's talking, texting or emails that you prefer

To get this bundle text 7 to 2732


600 mins

unlimited texts

1GB data

Ideal for browsing the web and keeping in touch with friends and family

To get this bundle text 10 to 2732


1000 mins

Unlimited texts

2GB data

Perfect for chatterboxes and social media lovers

To get this bundle text 15 to 2732


2000 mins

Unlimited texts

4GB data

Enjoy watching videos and sharing photos on your favourite apps with this great data filled bundle

To get this bundle text 20 to 2732

Data only bundles


500MB data


1GB data


500MB data


1GB data

Hungry for more data? We've got that covered too with our extra data bundles

To get the £5 bundle text data5 to 2732

To get the £7.50 bundle text data7.50 to 2732

Our standard tariff

If a 30 day bundle isn't for you, you can top-up and chat away using our great value standard tariff.

St 8p cb2c3bf2cec46185f0a058c45f950d666e03b161ad64b510051caf7836cea3e6
St 4p 3af5ab9fb4b0fc1331ff2ec13f622cdba3fc1349fd7b048154e4bed7266501f2
St 5p ffce8bc7f755da2bb767159057814b8380df9fbdf719a6971dc74b695743506b