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Why Your Next Meeting Should be Through Your Phone

At Asda Mobile we recognize that in 2016, people are busy – dashing about here and there. One big trend in business is that people are finding themselves doing work more and more on the go. That said, many companies still require all of their staff there in one room to have a meeting. But is that still the best way to do things in a world powered by smartphones?

Here’s why your next meeting should be through your phone.

Lead a mobile lifestyle

Phones were meant to enable you to do more wherever you are. Starting with the simple act of calling, carrying a mobile phone around meant you didn’t have to tether yourself to your landline phone at home if you were expecting a call from Julie to tell you she can look after the kids for you tomorrow evening.

With smartphones now all operating in the cloud, phone makers are striving to make mobile-first choices when it comes to applications, meaning any task you could complete chained to your desk, you should be able to complete out and about.

Increase your organisation’s productivity

Organisations that have become mobile-first are reported to be a bit more productive than those that rely on everybody being in the same place. Just think about it, if your workforce is able to answer their emails on the go, work is going to get done faster.

In fact, one report suggests that new revenue increased 35 per cent where business mobility is at the forefront of people’s minds.

All the tools you’ll ever need…

Your phone is your new Swiss army knife. With email, Skype for Mobile, FaceTime, Google Hangout, and even Snapchat, there’s no excuse whatsoever to not be on the next conference call with your colleagues – wherever you are in the world.

Free data

If you’ve got an awesome provider for your phone, you should benefit from great deals. Conference calling on the go means you’ll probably fly through your data if you’ve got a bad allowance, so why not order your FREE SIM here which comes in all shapes and sizes. It should take no longer than 5 working days to arrive, and then you can top up with our amazing mega bundle.

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