Why do i need to update my mobile

Why is it important to keep your mobile updated?

If you’re a smartphone user, chances are at some point your phone’s told you there’s a new update available.

But is it really that important to keep your phone updated?

Well, the answer is yes if you want your phone to keep up with new technology. Just like your computer or laptop, occasionally phones will need to be updated. But don’t worry; it’s not something you need to do every week, probably more like once or twice a year. Updates to your operating system can be really helpful and could improve the way it looks, give it tougher security and even make your phone perform better.

Technology is improving rapidly but then, so is our demand for ‘smarter’ mobiles. We want our phones to do more and more. There was a time when phones couldn’t connect to the Internet, now we want and need them to be the nerve centre of our lives. So to meet our expectations, developers are working 24/7 behind the scenes to give us new updates and keep our phones as modern and intelligent as possible.

New software updates can also fix bugs – if developers are aware of an issue, such as a glitch when you’re trying to send messages, they can get straight on it and sort it out using an update.

If my phone’s working, why should I update it?

Updating your phone is always a good idea, even if you think it’s working just fine. That’s because updates can fix problems you might not even be aware of, and they can keep your phone as safe and secure as possible. Even better, after an update, most of your applications will be working faster and better than they did before. Bonus!

Plus, updates don’t affect your memory so you won’t lose your friends’ contact details, your highest score on your favourite game or even those embarrassing selfies!

Most updates come via the settings application on your phone and you have to install them yourself by opening the update to start the process. To launch the update your phone might need to be switched off and back on again, so you might want to do it when you’re not waiting for that important call or text!

Updating your phone can take just a few minutes or quite a bit longer if you’re eager to download it the minute it’s been released. Don’t forget to plug your phone in to charge whilst you’re downloading an update – if your battery dies while your phone’s updating it can cause a few unnecessary problems.

To be super smart and savvy, it’s also best to connect to Wi-Fi before you start your update. This will help you save on any cost or bundle allowance for using data.

Keeping your phone updated with the latest software is an easy and safe way to keep ahead of the game and make sure you’re getting the best mobile experience possible – which has got to be winner, hasn’t it?

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