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Which Asda mobile bundle is for me?

Whether you are planning on making a lot of calls or are more interested in the amount of texts that you can send to friends, we are sure that you will find one of the many Asda Mobile bundles just right for your needs!

For the mighty mobile phone user:

With this mega bundle, you will get unlimited minutes’ worth of call time, unlimited texts and a huge 6GB of data, perfect for sending photos to your mates and watching videos and TV on the net. You get all of this for £20.

If you like staying connected:

Make sure you don’t miss an update, tweet or Insta-post with this amazing bundle – 1000 minutes, meaning you can gossip as much as you like, unlimited texts and 3GB of data, you are always going to stay on top of what is happening. And all for £15!

A great start for the young ones:

If you are giving your child their very first PAYG phone, this bundle is ideal and means they will always be able to get in touch with you! Complete with 300 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB of data, for £7, this bundle is great for giving them a little independence.

Perfect for occasional usage:

If you like to make sure you always have a little bit of everything, this pocket friendly bundle is ideal for keeping you connected but not costing the earth either – with 100 minutes, 2000 texts and 100MB of data, this bundle is perfect for providing you with what you need but at a very reasonable £5.

Ideal for the older generation or occasional users:

Wanting to keep in touch with the grandchildren or always have enough in the bundle available for an emergency? This bundle is the right one for you if you don’t have a smartphone! With 200 minutes and 2000 texts, this £5 bundle is budget friendly but still keeps you connected with the ones you love!

If you would like to find out more about our bundles, including how to active them, look no further than our Tariffs & Bundles page.

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