What does gigabyte mean

Want to know what a gigabyte really is?

So you’ve heard the term ‘gigabyte’ but do you actually know what it is? Well fear not, we can give you a quick lowdown on all things ‘gigabyte’.

Let’s start with the basics…

If you’ve got a phone that lets you play online games, download apps, search Google, send emails and catch up with friends on Facebook and Twitter, then you have a phone that uses data.

Which means you’ll need a ‘Data Allowance’. This is the amount of data your PAYG bundle or price plan includes each month.

But how do you know if your allowance is providing too much data, or if it isn’t stretching far enough? If we dig a little further we can help guide you in understanding exactly what amount of data you could be using. So you won’t be paying a penny more than you need to every month.

Here’s how a Gigabyte shapes up…

1,024 kilobytes (KB) make up ONE megabyte (MB)

Just so you know, megabytes are the smallest measure of data that you can get.

1,024 megabytes (MB) make ONE gigabyte (GB)

So, what would one Gigabyte of data get you?

Any one of the following would use up about one Gigabyte. Which would you go for?

  • 44.5 hrs of Web browsing (without downloads)
  • 51 hrs of Facebook usage, not including video streaming
  • Streaming of ten episodes of Eastenders
  • 68 plays of One Direction’s Story Of My Life
  • 34,133 emails sent and received (without attachments)
  • 17hrs of using Google Maps
  • Streaming 256 Spotify tracks

Be on the ball!

It’s worth remembering that the more applications and Internet based add-ons you download to your phone, the more data you’ll be using. 4G phone users should be mindful that their faster 4G network will automatically be using more data than slower 2G and 3G networks.

If you’re on Asda Mobile and using a bundle, you can check your data allowance just by texting BAL to 2732. It’s a free service and a great way of keeping track of your usage!

Added bonus…

Most shopping centres, cafes and places to visit have Wi-Fi available for customers to use. So connect to these Wi-Fi networks and you’ve found yourself a clever way to save on your data usage when you’re out and about!

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