Best apps for watching tv on your mobiles

Watching TV on the go

With many “on demand” TV apps available on Android, as well as the App Store, watching TV on the go is definitely an increasingly popular way to stay up to date with your favourite programmes. As great as it is to have instant TV access on your mobile, it’s easy to burn through your data allowance without realising. We’ve put together a few handy tips to ensure you stay within your bundle limits and don’t spend more than your top up amount each month.

Use Wi-Fi

Wherever possible, connect to Wi-Fi. If you want to watch something at home on your mobile or tablet, use your Wi-Fi connection instead of 3G. Streaming via a Wi-Fi connection is likely to mean less buffering and therefore a better viewing service for you, and more importantly less drainage on your device’s battery and credit!

The BBC iPlayer app also has a nifty feature – you can download programmes to your device when you are connected to Wi-Fi and then watch them within seven days of downloading. This means you can watch them at your leisure without using data wherever you are, but please do be aware they will take up space on your device in terms of memory, so best to delete once watched.

Check your balance

If you are streaming using a mobile connection, keep an eye on your remaining data balance. You can check your Asda Mobile balance at any time, free of charge in two ways;

  • Text BAL to 2732

  • Call 2732 and listen to the automated message which gives you up to date, real time information on your remaining limits

Use your home service app

Digital TV services such as Virgin and Sky now have their own apps that you can download to your device that allow you to log in and access your service remotely. As well as the fun of changing channels sneakily using your mobile when the remote is being hogged by someone else, these handy apps also give you access to watch your recorded programs from your mobile whilst on Wi-Fi to avoid the charges of watching them on 3G.

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