Top apps for places to take selfie in uk

Top places in the UK to take a selfie

With over 1 million selfies being shared online worldwide everyday*, the trend doesn’t seem to losing popularity.

A recent study of Instagram posts and their hashtags+ by Attraction Tix has detailed the most popular places worldwide to take a selfie. From that list we’ve taken the top places in the UK to snap a selfie, with the majority unsurprisingly being in London. So next time you’re sight seeing in the capital grab your phone and join an ever-growing club!

Top 10 UK selfie sites according to Instagram

  1. Big Ben - The iconic clock tower in the heart of London had 8,780 hashtags associated with it when the survey was completed.

  2. London Bridge - There is a big gap between first and second place, with London Bridge having 3,820 tagged selfies on Instagram.

  3. Buckingham Palace - It’s in no way a surprise to see Buckingham Palace on the top ten list. The Palace had 3,320 selfies tagged on Instagram.

  4. London Eye - Filling the London skyline, it’s quite easy to take a selfie with the London Eye, due to its supreme size. 3,300 of us did and posted it to Instagram using the hashtag #LondonEye.

  5. Madame Tussauds - Perhaps a surprise entry at number 5, but then again, when else are you likely to have a selfie with a celebrity, Even if it is a waxwork model? Madame Tussauds joins the list with 1,600 tagged pictures.

  6. The Shard - Forming part of the London Bridge Quarter, The Shard has been popular with tourists and locals alike since its official opening in 2013. Maybe a selfie stick is the best way to have a picture with this giant in the background? Photos tagged with The Shard totalled 871.

  7. Tower of London - The Tower of London finds its way in at number seven on the top ten list, with 870 photographs on Instagram with the #TowerofLondon hashtag.

  8. London Zoo - Definitely the right place to be monkeying around, London Zoo has to be one of the coolest and funniest places to have a selfie, and if you’re lucky, some of the animals might play ball and join in! London Zoo had 816 selfies with the selfie hashtag uploaded to Instagram

  9. Kew Gardens - A very cultured bunch of selfie takers had their pictures taken at Kew Gardens. Famed around the world for its beauty, it’s understandable why 804 selfies were uploaded to Instagram with the Kew Gardens hashtag.

  10. Stonehenge - Perhaps one of the most famous structures in British history, Stonehenge is as popular today as it has ever been. A real piece of history and magnificence, 724 selfies were uploaded to Instagram and tagged.



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