Top lifestyle apps for mobiles

Top lifestyle apps for Android

If you’re the proud owner of an Android phone, you’re in luck! We’re spotlighting some of our favourite Android apps to help you find the perfect apps for you - whether it’s to help make life a little easier, or just for fun.

To kick off the series, we’re looking at the very best in Android lifestyle apps.

BBC Weather

This free app from the BBC is one of the highest rated and most downloaded weather apps available. It allows you to look at long range forecasts and select different locations worldwide. It will notify you of severe weather warnings in your local area and give you need-to-know information. This app is pretty hard to beat!


A free app that seamlessly integrates with both Gmail and iCloud email accounts. Mailbox puts all of your emails in one place with a clean interface that allows you to manage your emails in a variety of different ways. Swipe it away, set reminders and snooze sending your mail.


Glympse is a free, fresh take on checking in and sharing where you are. Instead of selecting where you are from a list of possible locations, this app pinpoints your exact location and then shares it. Your friends are alerted of your check in via a message that can be opened in a web browser instead of insisting that they download and use the app if they don’t already have it. And if you want to, you can live share your location information – great if you are going from one hotspot to another and meeting friends along the way.


A favourite app around the world, Dropbox is the perfect way to ‘drop’ your files and images in one central place to enable access from desktops, laptops or tablets. Wherever you are, you can securely access your files without the need for cables. Even better, the app is free with a starter allowance of storage, which you can increase if you recommend Dropbox to any friends. If you need even more space you can pay to upgrade, simple and hassle free!


Ever thought your internet connection at home was running really, really slow? Now you can check with this handy app. Once you’ve downloaded it, you’ll find that you can’t help but checking your internet speeds every time you’re connected!

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