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Top Android pregnancy apps

Having a baby is a very exciting time, with lots to think about, learn and experience. We have rounded up some of our favourite Android pregnancy apps to help you through the next 9 months.

My Pregnancy Today

With a rating of 4.6 on Google Play, My Pregnancy Today is definitely popular with mums-to-be around the world. Giving a helpful and insightful visual look at your baby’s development including videos detailing what to expect, this app is great. We particularly like the handy feature listing the things that are and are not safe during pregnancy, such as foods to avoid and advice regarding dyeing your hair.

Pregnancy Tracker

This app looks at your pregnancy day by day and week by week, showing the progress and journey your baby is making during this time. Based on the information you provide when setting the app up with your due date, you will then receive helpful info and advice that is tailored to you and the stage you are at in your pregnancy.

Pregnancy + (premium version also available at a cost)

With a number of handy features including a personal diary, weight tracker, kick counter and a contraction timer, this app really is something that you can use to get you through the whole journey, right into labour!

I’m Expecting

This app allows you to connect with other parents-to-be around the world who are also at the same stage as you. You can look at an ever expanding list of questions for answers to anything that has been on your mind and track any symptoms or side effects you might be suffering from, so you can remember to mention them to your midwife.

Baby Names

Perhaps the most commonly asked question of expectant parents, “have you chosen a name?” With its handy features such as sorting by gender and letters as well as the baby name generator, this app can give you a helping hand in finding the perfect answer. Allowing you to share names from the app via email, Facebook and WhatsApp, you will be sure to find the right name for your new addition!

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