Top free apps for music lovers

Top Android apps for music lovers

As the saying goes, music makes the world go round. To help that become a reality in your world, we’ve reviewed some of the top music streaming apps.


Possibly the most popular music streaming app worldwide, Spotify has over 40 million users worldwide. There’s a choice of signing up to a free account, or upgrading to a paid-for premium service. If you go for a £9.99 premium account, you’ll have unlimited access to millions of tracks across all genres and can create as many playlists as you like. Perfect for those of us with a more eclectic taste in music.


More of a social network than some of the other music streaming apps, SoundCloud allows you to upload music and see what is trending. Smaller artists and DJ’s can release their own music on the channel and you can also follow users and artists. Great for those who are bored of the usual mainstream choices and want to discover something new.

MusixMatch music & lyrics

If you like to sing along to your fave tunes but occasionally struggle to remember the lyrics, this app is perfect for you. Syncing to other apps such as Spotify and Google Play Music, MusixMatch pulls up the lyrics to the song you are listening to in sync to the actual track, so you are never going to be caught out again. This app is great for a little impromptu karaoke session!


Officially described as ‘music for your eyes,’ Vevo offers tonnes of premium HD videos, uploaded to official Artist pages. Every day, Vevo has videos premiering for the first time and gives users a list of songs that they may like, based on past searches and views. Users can also make playlists of their favourite videos and share them on Facebook and Twitter. An app made for music video lovers!


How many times have you heard a song on an advert or in a bar and loved it, and really wanted to know what it was called or who it was by? Shazam works to make that a thing of the past! By activating the app, Shazam identifies the song and artist and then gives you the option to download the track via your mobile’s music store, or add it to a playlist on music streaming services like Spotify and Google Play Music.

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