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The Top Fitness Apps to Get Your Heart Racing

Christmas is a time where, let’s face it, the vast majority of us like to go a little bit mad when it comes to indulging ourselves. With the festive season looming over us, now might be the time to try and shed those few extra pounds so that we don’t feel so guilty about eating that extra mince pie in a few weeks’ time.

There’s a whole world of health and fitness apps out there, all vying for your attention, so here are the Asda Mobile team’s favourites!

1. Couch to 5k

If you’re just starting to venture into the world of running, Couch to 5k, or C25K is a brilliant program for beginners. You’ll build your strength by alternately walking and running, and within 8 weeks, you’ll be ready to run your first 5k! Let this helpful app guide you on your journey.

2. Zombies, Run!

This isn’t one for the faint hearted! Run for your life while you’re chased by zombies, being tracked by the app while you do. All you need is the app and a pair of headphones to help you listen along to the story. Your mission is to build up your base, collect supplies and avoid the zombies chasing you – as one of Earth’s last survivors of the zombie apocalypse. With over 200 missions, you won’t run out of things to do.

3. 30-Day Fitness Challenges

This is the only app you’ll ever need if you want something that will push you to complete daily exercise activities that gradually become more challenging as the days progress. When you’re month’s up, you’ll be able to see just how far you’ve come.

4. Run Keeper

Here’s another great app for the runners amongst us. Runkeeper is brilliant for mapping and tracking your runs. Whether you want to know how fast your average mile is, or look at how your pace changes over your run, Runkeeper will tell you.

Perhaps the best thing about Runkeeper, though, is that you can create a running team with your friends and go on group runs and see who comes out on top: nothing like a bit of competition.

Apps like Runkeeper are amazing (and sure to help you lose a little pre-Christmas weight!), but they also eat up your data. Increase yours by 20GB this Christmas thanks to our Mega 30-day Christmas Bundle.

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