The Top 5 iPhone Games for 2017

2017 has only just begun, but that doesn't mean we here at Asda Mobile haven't already thought about what great smartphone games we'll be playing over the next year. Here are our picks.

  1. Solitairica Who'd have thought that a version of classic card game Solitaire would make our list, but there you go! In this version of Solitaire, the main mechanics have been boiled down to a simple higher or lower while you avoid being murdered by monsters. A cool take on a classic.

  2. The Bug Butcher This is a fun iteration on the Asteroids format, with your tiny little soldier guy on the ground and enemies coming at you from above. Here, obviously, the enemies are gross looking giant pink bugs. Shoot them quick!

  3. Mr. Robot We didn't think that a game based on a TV show would be this good, but the Mr. Robot game for iOS is brilliant. It's a simple story-based game with a number of different paths based on player choices. Here players are part of a mysterious hacker group, and the aim is to hack your way through the story using a fake messaging app. It's surprisingly good.

  4. Riptide GP: Renegade Remember those water-based action games from the glory days of the arcade? That sense of speed and adrenaline? That's how Riptide GP: Renegade makes you feel as you fly along on your futuristic jet skis.

  5. Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Geometry Wars: Evolution is still one of the best games from the Xbox 360, and Dimensions brings that fantastic geometric action to your phone for the first time. If you've never played it, this is a good version to jump in on.

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