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The Smartphone Trends to Watch in 2017

2016 has been a fun year to watch when it comes to new phone tech. From the introduction of VR to headphone jack-free handsets, manufacturers have realised that they’re going to need to innovate like crazy if they’re going to win over customers who now have more choice than ever.

Here at Asda Mobile, we focus on great SIM bundles, but that doesn’t mean we’re not curious to see what’s around the corner when it comes to smartphone tech. Here’s what’s getting us excited.

1. Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has already made an impressive splash in the smartphone market thanks to the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Gear VR. But when will Apple make the VR plunge? Perhaps 2017 could be the year for it.

2. Store More

How’s that 16GB of onboard storage treating you? Worry not, soon you’ll be able to store and watch as many episodes of Mr Robot as you’d like because SanDisk this year showed off a prototype 1TB SD card. That’s right. A whole terabyte!

3. Increased Intelligence

Your phone’s about to become almost as smart as you are. Lenovo’s Phab 2 Pro augmented reality smartphones can recognise objects, map out rooms, and present relevant information about objects in sight on a handset’s screen. Scared yet? Don’t be, your phone’s going to be friendlier, too. For example, a device could learn how hardware is being used by a specific application, and over time, better modulate power usage to improve battery life.

4. Wireless Audio

Who thought Apple was bold to remove the headphone jack on their new handset? Well, it’s likely that others will follow in an effort to make their phones slimmer. Some LeEco and Motorola smartphones have already replaced the headphone jack with Bluetooth wireless technology, which might mean charging your earphones, but it also means sci-fi-thin phones!

Those are just a few of the cool things we here at Asda Mobile expect to see in the next year of smartphone madness. What are your top predictions?

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