The Most Romantic Apps for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. We’ve come over all romantic here at Asda Mobile – oh stop it, you’re making us blush! So, as well as offering you up the gift of incredible SIM-only deals, here’s our Valentine’s gift to you: a rundown of the most romantic apps for Valentine’s Day.

  1. Order a beautiful bouquet Male or female, there’s nothing better than receiving a wonderful bouquet of flowers at your desk from your partner. Apps like Bloom & Wild Flowers makes it really easy, helping you to order an original order of fresh flowers with guaranteed next day delivery in the UK. Go on: surprise your loved one.

  2. Ultimate relaxation It’s not just flowers you can order for your loved one through your phone. What about a massage delivered right to them? Give your special one the gift of ultimate relaxation through an app like Urban Massage. Just input your email address, the treatment you think your partner will like and click ‘send’.

  3. Send a secret card Part of the Valentine’s day ritual is about sending your loved one a romantic Valentine’s message, and if you’re not in a relationship, it’s about giving the person you fancy a hint! With an app like the appropriately named Valentines Day Card, you can create custom messages on your phone and share them with the world on Facebook.

  4. Find love If you’re still in the process of finding love, Valentine’s Day is a peak in the year where other single souls will be looking to meet a special someone too. In other words, you’ve got better than average chance! In 2017, it’s totally cool to find your next partner online or through an app, and especially on Valentine’s Day, we recommend something a little more romantic, such as Bumble, where ladies have to speak first, creating a more female-friendly environment.

Whether you’re ready to take on the advice above or prefer spreading your love the old fashioned way via text or phone call, take a look at our bundles.

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