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The Future Is Now: How to Control Your Home through Your Phone

Who wants to live in a world where once you walk through your front door everything about your experience is tailored to your preferences. Well, we’re pretty much there already. A sci-fi dream no longer, you can now automate many aspects of your home environment through your phone.

At Asda Mobile, we’re naturally excited about emerging technologies so here are 5 that we love.

1. Heat it up

Smart metering is great news for those who want to make sure their energy bills are accurate. With a smart meter installed and Nest’s great thermostat app on your phone, you’ll get the ability to check your reading on your phone, and with this, the chance to control your home’s temperature from within the app itself.

2. Cool it down

With a fridge like the LG ThinQ, food wastage will be a thing of the past. With a camera built in, you can see what’s inside your fridge while you’re still at work, enabling you to pick up the necessary items you need for a delicious meal from your local Asda store, or of course, create the perfect online order! Through the app on your phone, if you’ve scanned the barcode of a product as you’ve added it to the fridge, you can even receive a text message tell you when the item is close to being out of date.

3. Control over your own health

Through an app called the IHealth Blood Pressure, you can turn your phone into a cool medical device! Neat.

Download the app, slip on the sleeve and record, save and share your blood pressure and pulse. If you think something might be a little off, you can send that information straight to your doctor via email.

4. Lock it away

Keep your home safe and secure through the BOLT app by Lockitron. It doesn’t matter if you’re half way around the world or not, BOLT allows you to lock and unlock your home wherever you are. If you rent a property and can’t remove the lock provided by your landlord, you can even get the Key Match, meaning you can keep your old house keys.

5. Home

You might be thinking to yourself that having all of these apps will clutter your phone. Thank goodness that Apple have already thought ahead of you! With the Home app on your iPhone, any appliances that are labelled ‘Works with Apple HomeKit’ will be controllable through Apple’s Home app. All you need is iOS 10 and an iPhone and you’re good to go. So, no more clutter, and all the home automation you could ever need.

As you can see, the future’s here already. At Asda Mobile we know that using these apps out of home will be a drain on your data. Check out our 30-day bundles and do more with your phone today; or get your hands on our MEGA bundle which includes unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 20GB of data. More than enough for browsing, liking, shopping, sharing, streaming and FaceTiming – all for just £10!

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