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The Best Language Learning Apps

There are few tasks more challenging or rewarding than learning a second language. Or a third. Or a fourth! At Asda Mobile, we know that the struggle is real! It takes daily practice and intense memorisation skills, which, let’s be honest, can be daunting to say the least.

Thankfully, technology is your friend, and there are plenty of brilliant apps for iOS and Android that mean you can practice a language wherever you are. Here are our favourite language-learning apps.

1. Memrise

This is a really smart, fun way to learn a language. And don’t worry, there are hundreds of courses to keep you busy! There are 3 main principles that Memrise follows to ensure you’re learning to your maximum potential: science – so that your methods are tailored to your learning style, fun, so that you’ll always enjoy coming back to the app, and community, so that you will be able to give other learners cool tips and tricks about how they can learn better, too.

2. Mind Snacks

Mind Snacks make games for your brain. Over 4 million people are using Mind Snacks to learn Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and more, as well as kids’ vocabulary! If you’re fed up of simple word memorisation apps, then this is the app for you. In the Spanish app, for example, there are 50 levels to conquer, equalling around 40 hours of amazing content. Mind Snacks also looks great.

3. Babbel

This is an app that focuses almost entirely on spoken, conversational language. Whether you want to learn French, Dutch or Russian, Babbel will help you become a conversational pro. With lessons that take an average of 15 minutes to complete, you’ll be able to practice a little bit every day, without your oh-so-precious free time taking a hit. Winning!

4. Duolingo

This is the world’s most popular language-learning app, with millions of users across the world. So why’s it so popular? Well, it’s a combination of the massive size and scope of the app, as well as how fun it is to play. The Duolingo team has completely gamified language learning here, and with super-smart in-lesson grading, you’ll get instant reactions as to how well you’re doing. If you’re the sort of person who likes to be told they’re doing well while they learn – and who doesn’t? – then Duolingo is for you.

The best thing about apps like these is that you don’t need to stick exclusively to one. In fact, you’re probably best off using a bunch of different ones – after all, they all have their individual specialisations. Of course, running multiple apps daily to help you become a Spanish master (dominar!) will use up a chunk of your data, so here’s a treat from us – our Mega 30-day Christmas Bundle. Get 20GB data, unlimited minutes and unlimited texts. Treat yourself this Christmas, just text MEGA to 2732 before the 31/12/16!

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