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The Best Hidden Messages in Brand Logos

There are hundreds of brilliant hidden messages in brand logos, some we may not even know about they're that hidden! But we've chosen our favourite ones in well-known brands.

FedEx Logo

Fed Ex has a small arrow between the E and the X, did you see it? This is to promote their speed, delivery and efficiency apparently.

Amazon Logo

Amazon uses an arrow to direct the A-Z which shows the sheer mass of products they can supply and offer. If you look closely you will notice it is in the shape of a smile to represent their customer satisfaction.

Cisco Logo

Cisco is from San Francisco, so the name is pretty self-explanatory however, did you notice the blue lines that make up the golden gate bridge?

Museum of London Logo

The Museum of London is a little less obvious, but when explained it's a beautiful idea. The uses of different colours show different geographical areas of London and how it has expanded over the years.

Tour de France Logo

The Tour de France logo incorporates the O & R of 'Tour' and transforms the whole logo into a cyclist riding a bike, with the O's as wheels and the R as the cyclist.

Continental Tyres Logo

Continental Tyres logo looks incredibly plain and straightforward at first glass but the white space between the “C” and the “O” is anything but redundant – it creates a tyre.

Beats headphones Logo

Beats headphones are seen on almost every sports or music star but did you notice that the red circle and the “B” have been positioned to look like a person wearing headphones.

Unilever Logo

Unilever is made up of different icons that represent the company’s goal and values. For example, the bee represents the firm’s attitude towards protecting the environment and the heart symbolises their commitment to improve people’s health.

Formula 1 Logo

Formula 1 or as it is better known as F1 features a black “F” and the red pattern signifying speed but if you focus on the empty space between the two elements you will see a very prominent “1”.

LG Logo

LG – Life’s Good logo uses an “L” and the “G” in a head with a nose (L) and the rest of the face being formed by the “G”.

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