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The Best Dating Apps for Women

Are you looking for love? Aren’t we all! With busy lives and lots to squeeze in, more and more of us are turning to online dating to find romance. If you’re a lady, the online world can sometimes be a little intense. Fed up of receiving inappropriate photos on Tinder? Here are our picks for the best dating apps for women!

Did I See U

This is a dating app powered by real life interactions. Imagine being at a bar and wanting to find all of the compatible people nearby. Now you can, just open up Did I See U and view everybody’s profiles. Once you’ve found somebody you like, you can send them a chat invite and start getting to know them. The best thing about this app is that once you’ve started talking, you can walk right over and introduce yourself. It’s a way to connect with real people!


Hinge is about forming relationships with people. It works by bypassing the Tinder swipe left, swipe right mechanic and simply allows users to message each other and to comment on one another’s pictures. The catch here is that Hinge only matches you with your friends’ single friends, including – hopefully – the ones you’ve always wondered about!


In this app, women hold all the power! Women can control who can see them in the app, and from there, other users can correspond. Another great feature only available to women on Siren is called the “Siren Call”, where you can send out a call to multiple users in one go. Finally, Siren features a question of the day function, which other users can answer to help start up a conversation. We think that’s a smart way to get over the awkward introduction stage…


Wyldfire turns ladies into the gatekeeper. In this app, the only way that men can join in is if they are referred by a female friend. This means that every guy on Wyldfire has been hand-picked by somebody like you. The Asda team think this is a fantastic way to separate the wheat from the chaff, and ensure that there really is no nonsense when you’re genuinely trying to meet somebody.


This is the big one! If you’re yet to discover Bumble then you’re in for a real treat. Some of our single ladies have been using Bumble for a while and the results are great! Created by the women who left Tinder to create something a little more female friendly, only women can make the first move on this progressive app. With a 24-hour window in which to say hi, women have the keys to the castle, and if the 24 hours runs out, the match disappears.

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