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The Best Cloud Storage Solutions for Your Phone

At Asda Mobile, we do a lot of work on our phones, and with limited storage space (naturally, we prioritise selfies over work!), we have to turn to cloud storage solutions to backup and store much of what we produce. Cloud storage is brilliant for backing up, as well as for sharing stuff with our friends, family and colleagues.

Here’s a trio of our best cloud storage solutions:

1. Mega

This is a great online storage site for those looking to store up to 50GB of dataonline for free. If you sign up to a pro package, you can receive upwards of 4TB of online storage. Not only that, but every single bit of your data will be fully secure and encrypted. Now that’s not something that you can get anywhere else!

2. Microsoft OneDrive

It doesn’t matter if you want to store something from your phone, tablet or PC, Microsoft OneDrive is a pretty great solution for both personal and business use. With OneDrive, you and your friends can share files with one another, and you can also collaborate on documents in real time, enabling faster editing without versioning, helping to move along the presentation for your next big meeting that little bit faster.

3. Dropbox

Dropbox lets you upload and download from your phone, but it also has an awesome file-syncing feature, meaning anything you add to the Dropbox folder locally on your PC, it’ll also store in the cloud, too, meaning you can access it from wherever you are in the world from your phone. One unique selling point for Dropbox is that the service also works for Linux and Blackberry users; not just your Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS usual suspects.

So there you have it: our top picks for cloud storage. If your phone needs a capacity expansion, try out one of these great apps.

To use them out and about, you might need to give your phone a bit of a data injection, so check out our Mega 30-day Christmas Bundle, where you get 20GB of data for a mere tenner!

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