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The Best Apps to Help You Sleep

We all know that sleep is really important to our health, our ability to concentrate and our overall mood! Yet many of us wake up in the morning knowing we should have climbed into bed that bit earlier rather than constantly scrolling on our newsfeeds or staying awake to watch another Netflix documentary.

We all know that we shouldn’t be on our phones late at night, once the lights are out; but actually, there are certain apps available that will help those of us who find it difficult to drift off to perhaps do so that little bit faster. Let us know what you think!

1. DigiPill

This is a free app that helps you to beat insomnia by prescribing you digital pills. Each ‘pill’ is essentially a guided meditation that helps you drift off. In addition to that primary function, the pills are all designed to help fight off any number of problem that haunt vast numbers of us, such as anxiety and depression, and some people believe that using the app can also lead to weight loss.

Some of the pills are so specific that they won’t just help you sleep better, they’ll help you to achieve some of your life goals while you sleep. So for example, there’s a pill to help you stop smoking!

2. Pzizz

This is another free app that claims to help you get to sleep faster. One of the largest problems many of us face is that we go to bed early, but we’re so overstimulated that we lay awake for hours waiting to fall asleep.

Pzizz helps to solve these issues by creating custom noises and vocal instructions (short guided meditations) that will help you to relax, de-stress, and energize with the napping module! Sweet dreams.

3. Headspace

Headspace is a free mindfulness app that provides a range of guided meditation classes for people with all sorts of different experience levels in meditation practice. It’s fantastic for beginners, and includes options for those who can only really focus for 5 or 10 minutes before bed. From there, you can build up to more advanced classes that last for longer periods of time.

Andy – the coach – is easy to follow and his teaching method is great for novice and experienced meditators alike… You’ll be drifting into a deep sleep in no time.

So, hopefully, some of these apps will give you the gift of a good night’s sleep. Of course, you might find that downloading and using some of these apps is a little bit data intensive, so allow the team at Asda Mobile to give you another gift – the gift of sweet, sweet data with our Mega 30-day Christmas Bundle!

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