The Best Apps to Gift Your Mum This Mother's Day

Mother’s Day (Sunday 26th March) is coming up so it’s probably time to start thinking of something nice to show how much your mum means to you! At Asda Mobile, we have plenty of app-based ideas that would make fantastic gifts. So if your mum’s a dab hand with technology, here are some of the best apps you could gift them this Mother’s Day.

1. Music and meditation, all in one! Whether your mum is already using Spotify or Headspace, you might not be aware that you can get the premium versions of each app for a meager monthly price of £14.99 – a great price for both of these brilliant app-based services.

Your mum is bound to be appreciative when she has an unlimited amount of music and guided meditation in the palm of her hand.

Why not make it a truly personalised experience by creating a For Mum playlist on Spotify and sharing it with her on the special day. You could also invite your mum to join your meditation team on Headspace so that you can compare stats.

2. Spa day, right from home Everybody likes to be pampered – it doesn’t matter who they are. So why not spoil your mum rotten with a massage by a trained expert? Even better though, if the cost of a spa day is a little bit out of your budget, then why not order your mum a surprise massage right to her front door?

All you need to do is fill in your mum’s address, select the time and date, and pay. Then, relax, knowing that you’ve just sent a great gift to your mum to show her how much you care.

3. Delicious food, home cooked! It’s more than likely that one of the things your mum wants the most this Mother’s Day is the opportunity to do absolutely nothing. Allow your mum to relax and unwind as well as enjoy a delicious meal without having to do any of the cooking thanks to Supper. Supper allows you to browse from meals home cooked by a network of amateur and pro chefs, each selected from their own rotating menus.

Most of these chefs are home cooks, so you can be guaranteed healthy, wholesome food at a reasonable cost. Whether you’re looking for Vietnamese, Italian or simple British fare, Supper is a fantastic shout for this Mother’s Day.


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