The Best Apps for Wimbledon 2017

Get the strawberries and champagne ready: it’s Wimbledon time (3rd July – 16 July 2017). Whether you’ve been lucky enough to get a ticket to go to the prestigious event yourself, or you’re watching from home, we wanted to show you all of the best apps for the occasion. Here’s the Asda Mobile team’s top selection, and once you’ve done reading, check out our fantastic bundles.

1. The Official Wimbledon App Download the official app in partnership with IBM. There will be specific, customized versions for iPhone and Android, and you’ll be able to view information according to your favourite players, events and countries. If you’re viewing on iPad, you’ll also be able to experience a photographic map of the grounds, so even if you’re not there, you can enjoy the true majesty of Wimbledon.

2. CityMapper No, CityMapper technically isn’t a tennis-related app at all, but with London being such a big place, and a majority percentage of the crowd not coming from London at all, it’s more than likely that you’re going to need a hand getting to the Wimbledon arena in as timely and stress-free fashion as London’s public transport network can allow. Punch in Wimbledon arena into this brilliant free app and you’ll get instant, free info on the most efficient route to your destination.

3. BBC Sport As well as allowing you to select your own, personalized sports news notifications from football to formula 1, the BBC Sport App also enables users to keep up to date with live matches from around the courts throughout wimbledon. Also, set reminders for upcoming matches you don’t want to miss and receive a push notification when the event starts. If you’re too busy to watch, you can always listen to BBC radio 5 live whilst you browse.

4. Stick Tennis With more than 70 players to unlock, Stick tennis is a phone-based tennis game that is simple to get the hang of but super difficult to master. If you’re commuting to Wimbledon in the morning and need something to do, or you’re just waiting for the next match to start on TV, this is the perfect thing to do. Play as your favourite tennis greats and compete in the daily challenges to be the best.


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