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The Asda Guide to Conserving Your Phone Battery

Have you ever heard anybody with a smartphone – whatever the brand – say “Yeah, my phone’s battery life is amazing – it literally lasts a whole week without me charging it.” No, no you haven’t. That’s because smartphone batteries are short lived, and it’s unusual for any to last longer than a day.

That said, there are some great ways to extend that oh-so-important battery life so you can stay out for that extra pint or 2 without having to worry about getting lost on the way home because CityMapper will sap your last 10% of battery life. Here are our top tips for conserving battery:

1. Close your apps

When you’re on your laptop, most of us know that having programmes open in the background whilst you’re working on something else is lazy and wasteful, draining your computer’s battery.

But for some reason, we don’t extend that principle to phones. Having apps open on your phone will absolutely drain your battery, so it’s best to close them. On iOS, sadly, this is a manual process, but on Android, there are apps like Task Manager that will help ensure only the programmes that are necessary remain open.

2. Shut off useless settings

There are a whole host of phone settings that will drain your battery, without you even knowing it. Best to switch them off.

Start with any non-essential Location Services settings such as the System Services. Unless you’re on a particularly challenging mountaineering trip, do you really need Compass Calibration to be switched on?

3. Low Power all the way

If going in and manually switching off background apps isn’t really how you’d like to spend your time, we recommend using Low Power Mode as much as possible.

You’ll find this in your Battery settings, and will temporarily reduce power consumption by switching off automatic downloads, mailfetch and some visual effects. In other words it’s a great way to switch off unnecessary stuff that you can live without until your next full charge.

4. Stop searching for signal

Your phone automatically searches for signals like Wi-Fi, 3/4G or Bluetooth. If you don’t actively need one of these connections, then there is no need for your phone to be searching for one. The simplest way to stop your phone from searching is to switch it onto Airplane mode, which you can do with one tap easily from your phone’s quick menu.

Alternatively, you can go in and switch off the services you don’t need one by one. I mean really: who actually uses Bluetooth?

So there you have it: our guide to conserving battery life. Use these 4 tips and you’ll squeeze all the life you can out of your phone’s battery.

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