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The 5 Best Music Apps for Your Phone

At Asda we’re always busy trying to help you guys – our brilliant customers – out with finding the right deal for your phone, or your next SIM. Of course, we’re still huge music fans, so that means finding the right apps to help us listen to music wherever we are.

With our brilliant FREE SIM, check out our new Halloween deal, where we’re offering 1GB of free data (for new and existing customers) to use between 28th October and 6th November. With this, you’ll have plenty of streaming time to help you get through the next month of tunes without worrying that you’re not hooked up to a Wi-Fi connection.

Here are our top five favourite music streaming apps:

1. Shazam

This is a music discovery app that’s perfect for those who are keen to find brand new music straight from their phones. Hear a song you like? Just hold your phone up to the speaker and Shazam will do the rest, finding the artist and song title for you.

You can then save the song if you want to listen back later, as Shazam has a built in player. It also syncs up to Spotify, creating a special Shazam playlist of all the tracks you’ve saved. Sweet!

2. TuneIn

Who said that radio is dead? Websites/apps like TuneIn would beg to disagree, and you should listen to them. Literally.

TuneIn allows you to listen to your favourite radio stations or discover new ones by selecting from a massive range of genres and location. Want to listen to the great new post-punk and electronic music coming straight out of New York City? You can do it easily on TuneIn – and it’s completely free, too.


TIDAL is a brand new streaming and experiential service with a huge 40 million library of songs along with over 130,000 high quality videos. Owned by some of the music industry’s key players including Alicia Keys, Arcade Fire, Beyoncé, Calvin Harris and JAY Z, TIDAL is as good for musicians as it is for fans.

As well as having access to the premium music library, signing up with TIDAL also gives you access to a variety of exclusive music experiences, such as concerts and other live interactions with artists like Q&As. And you thought you were just signing up to listen to some music on your phone…

4. Google Play Music

Are you an Android user? Then you’ve better get on Google Play’s brilliant music streaming and library service. Giving you the option to pull your iTunes library straight into your Google Play collection, you can listen to all of your music in one place. With great built-in radio features that allow you to select based on your mood (cool!), we think this is a great option.

5. Spotify

I mean we couldn’t really not talk about Spotify here, could we? With an absolutely massive library, high quality audio, an offline mode and great personalised playlists delivered straight to your profile based on your listening habits, Spotify is the ultimate music app for your next phone.

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