The 5 Best Mobile Apps for Easter

Here’s one for the children in your life. Easter is a special occasion, and whether you enjoy the holiday for religious reasons, for the fun of it, or both, there are plenty of ways that your phone or tablet can help enhance your little ones’ Easter experience. So, without further ado, here are some of the best ways to get more out of Easter with a phone.

Paint on 3D Easter eggs As soon as you take a look at this app, you’ll immediately see what’s so charming about it: it’s basically an educational app that helps to teach your kids perspective, hand-eye coordination and much more. It’s completely child-safe, and it costs less than a pound. What could be better? Get your kids hyped for Easter with this awesome app.

Easter Bunny Dress up & eCard Who doesn’t like a dressing up? We know kids certainly do! With this great app, kids can dress their bunnies up nice and good, and, then send the card – in digital form – along with a personalised message, to a loved one. Who knows, perhaps you’ll receive your very own personalised bunny rabbit card!

Hidden Object Easter Egg Hunt This free app with (in-app purchases) will get your kids in the real spirit of Easter, which as we all know, is about finding those delicious hidden eggs! Give your kids fond Easter memories with this virtual Easter egg hunt. With over 20 unique levels and much more, there’s plenty to get excited about. If you’ve planned a real egg hunt for your kids, this could be a great way to train them up on the idea.

Doodle Jump Easter Special If your kids are at the age where they’re playing games on their phone, this could be a great Easter-themed addition to their collection. With over 25 levels where the aim is to collect all the Easter eggs, this is the ultimate Easter game experience for your little ones. With simple controls that even your little one can manage, they’ll have a blast this Easter.


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