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Social media: The benefits of staying connected

With the drastic rise of smartphone use in our modern day to day lives it is to no surprise that the use of social media sites and apps are at its highest yet. With a whole virtual world sitting in our pockets, we can stay connected wherever we go.

Here we have highlighted some of the most influential benefits of social media.


One of the most beneficial and obvious benefits of having an online presence is maintaining communication between friends, family and even colleagues. We have the ability to contact anyone around the world, at any time for free with access to Wi-Fi or 3G. You can also keep up to date with your friend’s or follower’s lives, or even share elements of your own life, through photos, videos and memories.

You can discover and learn about the world

Twitter and Facebook are prime examples of social media sites that allow users to easily share and read news articles to gain knowledge about current affairs, and keep up to date with the latest hashtags and trends.

Join the debates

Social media allows its users to discuss, or simply read important topics on discussion pages and posts, therefore they have the opportunity to develop their knowledge and discover things that they never knew before.

Brand engagement

Social media transformed the marketing industry as brands have the ability to personally engage and connect with customers. Brands can respond to online activity through sites such as Facebook and Twitter, therefore maintaining and improving relationships with customers.


Support and empathy can be received through the use of social media with many support groups and pages available. These offer help for those who are going through the same issues or problem as you. By sharing experiences, both good and bad, we are able to connect and empathise with each other.

Open society

Social networking can help you find people with shared interests, with many fan groups and communities available to join. Information you share with other users can be anything relatable such as your likes, dislikes, interests, hobbies and opinions. Making connections with like-minded individuals has never been easier to find. By joining pages and groups you not only meet like-minded people but also discover upcoming and past events and activities happening within that community.

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