Smart Ways to Fill Your Commute Journey on Your Phone

The average commute to work is 54 minutes, so how do you fill yours? Just think about it: if you’re spending almost 2 hours a day getting to and from work, you might as well spend that time productively! Of course, your phone can be your ally here, so here are some of the best ways to use your phone to ensure you’re not wasting valuable commuting time.

Heading into work: Get in the right frame of mind: Meditation apps like Headspace have one-off meditations for those looking to get some head space while they’re commuting. Specially designed to help you prepare for the day ahead, these meditations are perfectly suited to those on a cramped train, or a busy bus, so give it a go and see how you feel. It’s sure to make a difference to your working day.

Get organised: Once you’ve finished meditating, you should feel more alert and focused. This means you should be in a better position to get your day straight. Project/task management platforms like Trello have free app versions, meaning you can get your day’s priorities organised before you even get into the office.

Train your brain: If you don’t fancy being part of the Candy Crush hoards but feel like you should be doing something more productive and fun, give Lumosity a try. This app is helping 70 million users worldwide train their brain with the latest research breakthroughs in cognitive science. Not only might you see your memory and reasoning skills improve, but you’ll have fun doing it, too.

Heading home Become a detective: On the way home, you might want to lose yourself in something that helps you unwind. Here, Audible can help! Consider yourself a Sherlock Holmes fan? Who isn’t? Well, now you can listen to the entire collection of stories narrated by Stephen Fry. What a great way to spend your commute home!

Become a podcast fiend: if you’re not yet obsessed with podcasts, Stitcher will help you find your podcasting feet. With literally thousands of hours of audio news, sports, science, entertainment and more, there’s a podcasting series for everyone, and with most podcasts running on a weekly basis, once you’ve found something you like, you’ll be able to enjoy it on a regular basis.

So there you have it: some great ways to spend your daily commute to and from work. If you’re looking at the above and asking yourself whether your existing phone contract is up to the job, data-wise, worry not! Check out our fantastic 30-day SIM-only bundles, and order yours free today!


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