Shopping on my mobile

Shopping on your mobile

When you’re shopping on your mobile, it makes life a lot easier when the websites you visit work well on mobile devices. If they don’t, making a purchase can be a frustrating experience. We have some top tips to help make shopping on your mobile a breeze.

Search for a mobile app

Most online shops have mobile apps these days that work alongside their websites, such as the Asda app.

If you use an official app to browse and buy, this can help to make the shopping process a whole lot easier. Apps typically come with handy features – some send you a push notification once your order has been dispatched and delivered, and the Asda app notifies you of deals in your nearest store, so you needn’t miss out on great savings, in-store or online.

Use mobile friendly search results

Google now state in search results whether a site is mobile friendly. So next time you’re using Google to search, be sure to click a mobile friendly result. This means that the site will fit to your screen and not contain tiny text and small buttons.

Sign up to best deal emails

Services like Hot Deals UK make it their mission to save you money. Users update the site daily with the latest deals including coupons and vouchers, high street sales and other money saving events. Hot UK Deals send out regular email summaries and post the best offers on Twitter, a great way to help you get the best mobile shopping experience… and maybe save a few pounds too!

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