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Quick Guide to Using Your Mobile Phone Abroad

Whether we admit it or not we are all addicted to our mobile phones and when travelling to Europe we still like to use our phones to contact people back home or make your friends jealous posting fantastic pictures on social media.

Before travelling you need to think about what you are going to need your phone for when you are abroad and then update the settings accordingly so you aren’t stung with a massive bill. In the case of a Pay as You Go Sim you won’t rack up a huge bill but you will use all of your credit straight away and be left with nothing for the rest of your trip.

If it is a smartphone you are taking away with you be aware that they tend to auto-connect to a network when you turn your phone on. This can then result in apps being updated automatically and emails being downloaded. To solve this issue disable roaming before you leave the UK.

This differs for each handset so please refer to your smartphone manual for more information.

We, at Asda Mobile wanted to take away any stress of using your phone in Europe by putting together a handy guide which will explain everything you need to know to use your phone abroad cost effectively.

Don’t forget if you are off to France before 31st August you can use your phone for the same price as the UK (free with a bundle) with one of our 30 Day Bundles in France offer.

Asda Mobile 30 Days Bundles in France Offer

Before You Go

There are several things to consider before deciding whether to use your phone in Europe:

  • Do you need to use it?
  • What will you be using it for?
  • How much am I willing to spend on a bill?

When you have decided on these questions you will know if you will be using your phone when you are away or whether you are better off leaving it at home and finding a PC to use when you are out there.

To help you work out what the roaming rates for Europe are we have included them in this guide for quick reference.

Asda Mobile European Roaming Rates:

Asda Mobile EU Roaming Rates

The Basics

If you want or need to receive a phone call from someone back home remember that they won’t pay any more than if you were stood next to them back in the UK. Unfortunately, this does not apply when answering telephone calls when you are holidaying in Europe.

Calls and texts

At the moment, the cost of answering a call when you are traveling in Europe is capped at 5p per minute. However, to receive a text message while you are in Europe is completely free of charge. So it may be a better idea to tell friends and family to text you if they need to speak to you. Be sure to tell them to text you the reason for the urgent call so you don’t get sucked into a text conversation. You will be charged for every 140 characters you send.

Should you need to call home urgently try to find an alternative way to talk either through Skype in the hotel or local internet café or find the nearest Wi-Fi Hotspot and use your phone to skype or video call.

We also highly recommend that you disable voicemail before you leave UK soil as it costs the price of a call per minute to listen to any messages.

Internet use

Making calls and sending text messages through your network is cheap in comparison to using the internet. In the EU the cost per MB (megabyte) is currently capped at £0.19/MB including VAT. Asda Mobile will cap your limit of data use to £40 per month when in Europe, unless you change this amount manually. We will also send you a text message (free to receive) to let you know when you have used 80% of your data allowance then a further text when you have reached your limit and no longer have data available to use.

TOP TIP: if you can’t wait to share your photos or you need to Google something then ask at the hotel reception where the nearest Wi-Fi Hotspots are. You may find that your hotel has a Wi-Fi hotspot of its own. If all else fails, find a Starbucks or McDonalds for guaranteed connection.

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