Parental control on an asda mobile phone

Parental Control Apps for iOS and Android

Every year children of a younger age ask for a mobile phone. However, parents are becoming increasingly worried about what their children are using the mobile phone for. The best way to stop this worry is to equip your child’s phone with a parental control app.

We carried out a survey with our Asda Mums who picked their best 3 parental control apps available on Google Play and Apple Store.

Net Nanny: Android/iOS

“An amazing app for older teenagers, I love being able to see what my son is looking at online and I am surprised at how responsible he is.”

Net Nanny Banner for Android and iOS

Cost: Currently £45pa for 5 devices.

Main Features:

  • Choose from four pre-defined safety settings based on age of the user.
  • Time controls allow you set time limits on the usability of the phone.
  • The App Manager lets you remotely view, block, or uninstall apps and any in-app purchases.
  • Easy to use dashboard showing device activity.

“Well worth investing in the Family Pass for the extras. I like that you can monitor social media activity so I can see who my children are talking to and intervene when any inappropriate messages are sent or received.”

MMGuardian: Android/iOS

“This is a fantastic app for teenagers who don’t know when to turn off their phone and go to sleep. I can remotely access the screen control so I know my children are always getting enough sleep.”

MMGuardian Banner for Android and iOS

Cost: Varies per platform - Monthly/annually/one off subscription available.

Main Features:

  • Set filters up to block certain websites based on users age range and site category.
  • Review detailed website history reports whenever you want.
  • Disable/lock specific apps for periods of time, including, FaceTime and App Stores.
  • Locate the device anytime with a simple text command and receive an SMS containing the location.

“We have this app and Asda Mobile Sim cards for both our children because the internet filters on Asda Mobile allow us to not worry about what our kids are searching for then this app allows us to limit their screen time.”

Screen Time: Android/iOS

“Perfect for when you don’t want to feel like you are spying on your kids. I get an email summary and can manage the usage so my daughter isn’t sat up all night on social media or talking to her friends.”

Screen Time Banner for Android and iOS

Cost: Free Basic Account (limit usability) or Premium at £2.99pm.

Main Features:

  • Manage your child’s device through the Screen Time app or via the website.
  • Block specific apps completely.
  • Approve any apps your child downloads before they can open them.
  • Receive a daily summary of what websites and apps your child has used and for how long.

“I would recommend this app to any parent. I started to use this app after my daughter used all of her data in the space of one week through downloading apps and streaming TV at school.”

Asda Mobile Can Help

All Asda Mobile Sim Cards come with three settings of content lock for the internet; strict, moderate and off. You can decide with level of security you would like.

Strict – this is the safest of the three settings and perfect if you have young kids using your phone. This setting falls in accordance to the BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) guidelines which rates content higher than a “PG” certification as unsuitable for younger children. This includes social networking sites, chat and dating sites.

Moderate – this is the filter that all our Sim cards come set to as standard. You will be able to access social networking but no 18-rated content.

Off – you will have full access to any website or social network. To enable this setting you much be able to prove your age.

For more information on the features available from an Asda Mobile Sim Card visit our Welcome to Asda Mobile page where you will find all the information you need.

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