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Our Top Photo Editing Apps

With over 1 million apps available to download on iPhone and Android, there are thousands of Photo Editing Apps to help smartphone users make their pictures social media ready.

Whether you want an app to help you achieve an edit, which will get you more likes on Instagram, or a more advanced app which will allow you to achieve a professional edit, there are plenty of apps designed just for that. However, to help you choose the right app, here are our top picks.

Facetune (iPhone & Android)


Facetune is ideal for perfecting your selfies, ready for social sharing. The app allows you to retouch your portrait images with features such as teeth whitening, wrinkle removal, red eye removal and even face reshaping. There are many alternatives, however Facetune takes editing to another level.

Instagram (iPhone & Android)


The free social media app, focused entirely on photo sharing also allows users to edit their images before sharing. The editing features are simple, and easy to use. The app also allows you to like, comment and re-share pictures, however the editing options are limited if you are looking for a more advanced, professional finish to your edit.

Adobe Photoshop Express (iPhone & Android)


Adobe Photoshop Express is a great free app, as it is fun, fast and easy to use. It is not complicated as you can edit pictures using slide bar adjustments. It is not as advanced as the Adobe Photoshop for desktop; however it still delivers great looking photographs.

Filterstorm Neue (iPhone)


This powerful app is similar to desktop applications like Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop but is available in a mobile friendly format. The app offers features that are beyond basic editing, from powerful masking tools to simple pre-made filters. It is a great app to create professional looking edits, and worth the investment for those who are interested in learning more advanced editing techniques.

Snapseed (iPhone & Android)


Snapseed offers a collection of tools that are easy to use, such as exposure, colour adjustments, cropping, straightening, sharpening and creative filters. The app delivers the results of professional desktop photo-editing software, with just a tap of a finger.

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