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Our Top Five Instagram Filters

Let’s face it, life before Instagram and photo filtering was pretty bland and washed out! Now when you take a photo of your favourite pet or pout you can instantly make yourself look tanned, it is so easy to have a quick play and apply a great, flattering filter in just a few seconds.

We’ve done a quick poll at Asda Mobile HQ, and it seems we have a few favourite filters that make up our Instagram “go-to” list. Do any of these fit in to your most used filters list?

HEFE Filter

HEFE is definitely a favourite – adding a hazy, bronzed hue to everything, it’s perfect for faking a photo tan and adding a retro look. HEFE filtered photos remind us of good times spent in the sunshine.

HEFE Instagram Filtering

X-Pro II Filter

X-Pro II adds a bit of instant brightness to any photo - perfect for when the day is a bit gloomier than you’d like to admit. Highlighting colour like never before, the X-Pro II filter is used quite often! The colours with this filter can be very deep, which is perfect for landscape pictures.

X-Pro II Filter


With a slightly beach washed look, the Valencia filter gives a slight faded appearance and is perfect for pictures that want to be viewed as slightly old and well worn, otherwise known as vintage!

Valencia Instagram Filtering


A light filter option, but complete with the totally cool original photograph feel thanks to the border around the edge of the main picture! The Nashville filter has the ability to conjure up images of bands, hazy days and the Deep South.

Nashville Instagram Filtering


Flat, cold and honest, this filter has the magical ability to make images look more 2D than ever before, snapping the image to the background – perfect for arty book shots.

Hudson Instagram Filtering

*Poll Details: we sent an email to 200 employees aged between 18 and 52 years old, we received 176 responses. The email contained each filter available on Instagram and a tick box next to it. Participants were asked to select three favourites.

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