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Microsoft Lumia: Setting up a Family Account

Following on from the launch of our Back to School promotion last week we want to help you get the most out of your new Microsoft Lumia. Asda Mobile prides itself on being the family friendly network and so we are giving you guidance on how to set up the phone securely to be used by a child or teen.

Always be in Control

The Microsoft Lumia is the ideal first smartphone for kids because of the great features Microsoft offer. Family Safety is a Microsoft only feature that allows parents to set up an account tailored specifically to the needs and age of the intended user.

As a parent you get full access to the following features:

The types of apps your child can download – this option allows you to limit your child to only downloading apps that are free or age appropriate and carry a certain rating.

Limits and permissions – limit the uses of the phone including certain features like wallet or in-private web browsing. Cortana – even the voice activated search facility can be limited to a specific age so you don’t have to worry about your child searching for inappropriate things.

Prevent the download of paid apps – restrict the purchase of paid apps and games, stop them accidently paying £3.99 for an app that is too mature for their age.

Browsing specific sites – a great feature if you have teens, you can put a parental control on their browsing habits to ensure they are not looking at things they shouldn’t.

Set screen times – make sure your child isn’t spending all of their free time on their smartphone by limiting their screen time. Fantastic if your child’s school has a strict “no phone” policy.

See your kids on a map – never lose your child’s phone or child again when you can ring, lock or show the phone on a map on the Windows Phone website. It can also be a handy feature to keep tabs on your kids without them ever knowing.

Full access of their digital life including activity reports – regular activity reports let you check on your child’s online activity. You can then choose to block specific websites, apps or games based on their habits.

Microsoft’s Family Safety

Setting up a child friendly account for your new Microsoft Lumia couldn’t be easier. To get started you will need to visit the Microsoft Family Account website and either sign in if you already have an account or create an account if you don’t have one.


Once you are logged in you will be asked to “add a child” enter your child’s email address or create a Microsoft account for them. You will need access to this account to verify that you want it to be added to the main family account.

Logging on to the Microsoft Family Account


Sign in as your child and login to their account. You will be asked to “Join the Family as a Child”.

Signing your child up to Microsoft Family Account


You will need to sign back in to your own account and select “family” from the top menu. You will then be greeted with your family accounts. Click “check activity” to access the child’s account. You will see the following options:

  • Check recent activity
  • Purchase and spending
  • Screen time
  • Web browsing
  • Apps, games and media
  • Find your child

Setting the limits and restrictions

From here you can select which features you would like to turn on and off, any websites that you want to block and any limits to screen time you want to set.

Microsoft Lumia

When you add your teens account to their new Microsoft Lumia they will have access to everything within the limitations set by you.

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