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Love your food, love these apps

We have covered apps for Health and Fitness including tracking your daily food intake so we thought it only fair we create a Top Food Apps list for those foodies among us. We have a list of the best food apps on the smartphone market to give you a little help and direction in the kitchen!

Food Network

Based on the satellite channel of the same name, the Food Network app is a way of learning about food and considering different approaches to food and recipes. With informative recipes and intel, as well as highlights from around the world, the Food Network is an app for all foodies to enjoy!

Food Planner

An easy way to plan your menus so they are available whenever you need them, such as when you pop into your local Asda to pick up the ingredients, the Food Planner is also a great way of tracking what you are eating and helping to control food consumption. Not only this, but the app syncs to the cloud and is accessible via a host of different platforms, meaning that this is truly an app that you can use and count on.

Food Glorious Food

Based on the TV series broadcast on ITV, this free book gives users three free to view recipes to try with the option of upgrading to the paid for version for £6.99. With the paid for version full to the brim with family friendly recipes as well as comfort foods and new ideas, the Food Glorious Food book is definitely one for your virtual bookshelf and will help you find your own family favourites.

Jamie’s 20 Minute Meals

This app is based on the popular TV series and is designed to help and guide you through the process of making quick, yet flavoursome meals ideal for you and the rest of the family. With recipes, step by step instructions and videos featuring Jamie to help guide you further, we think this app is well worth the £1.99 it costs to download it.


Although strictly speaking this is a social network, Pinterest is perfect for foodies, with wonderful images of food and the sharing of recipes a daily occurrence on the platform. If you do not already have an account, we recommend you sign up and then search for your favourite food in the search box and then to sit back and prepare to be amazed and possibly excited by the recipes and ideas you find! Create a board per category and pin these images and recipes directly to it, meaning you have your very own personalised recipe book! Genius!

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