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Love or Hate Siri Personal Assistant

We could all fall in love with our computer, just like Joaquin Phoenix in the 2013 film “Her”. He falls in love with his operating system before she ups and leaves him, but for us there's some way to go before Siri becomes the object of our desires. Frankly she just doesn’t take the time to get to know you for who you are and what you like.

For starters even though she knows your name, can talk and listen to you and often knows where you are, she's remarkably ignorant about what you like to do, where and with whom!

She doesn't really anticipate anything you do, sure she orders you to set off to meetings and knows if there's a traffic problem, but every year when your car insurance is due and she should have poked the insurers and line up some prices for you to review. She could remind you to get your MOT and tax renewed.

She could have seen your low cost flight and checked car hire prices, if she knew you well enough she’d know where you were going and when you needed a car. She could have done all the leg work, and simply offered some choices.

Every now and then she would get it gloriously wrong and book a hotel room in New York not a new hotel room in York but with a few corrective keystrokes she would be back on track anticipating your every need.

Most Common Uses of Siri

Siri can do lots of useful things but actually the most typically used are:

  • Making phone calls
  • Searching the internet
  • Sending text messages.

How often Siri is used in daily tasks

Here at Asda we want you to get the most out of using your phone so we have put together all of the things that we think you need to make this happen.

To Set Up Siri Follow These Instructions

Setup Siri: Activate Siri by launching Settings, tap on General option and choose Siri. Turn on the “Hey Siri” feature.

Now when you want to talk to her you can press and hold the home button for about 2 seconds until you are asked “What can I help you with?” or alternatively if your phone is plugged in to an external power source you can say “Hey Siri” and she will respond.

“Hey Siri” is great if your phone is plugged in across the room as it is completely voice activated so you can shout across the room and get a response.

Make the most of the features: Apple is permanently updating the features of Siri and to allow full functionality of these features, it is best to keep on top of what your companion can do. The best way to do this is to press and hold the home button to activate Siri, and then tap on the Help (?) icon which will provide you with a list of current capabilities.

Control your phone through Siri: Use Siri to enable and disable features on your phone. For example, she can control Bluetooth, Airplane Mode and Wi-Fi. Likewise, it is possible to use Siri to launch apps verbally, try saying “Launch Camera App”, or “Take photo”.

Note: Please make sure you have enough Data available to get the full use of Siri with one of Asda Mobile Data Bundles.

Final Thoughts

The functionality of Siri is forever evolving and slowly being transformed in to a virtual assistant, accessing information and handling everyday tasks without you having to interact with your phone’s keypad or touchscreen. Get to know Siri and you may be surprised what she can do for you.

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