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Key Do’s and Don’ts of Instagram

As Instagram continues to grow from strength to strength, it’s becoming obvious that users with the most likes and follows are those who follow a loose set of “do’s and don’ts” in order to make the most of their accounts. To help you become part of the elite Instagram set, we’ve put together what we think are the best rules to follow to make your own account as tip-top as possible!

The Do’s

Variety – the key on Instagram is to make sure that you have some variety in the images that you upload and post. Make sure that you are not just uploading pictures of the same thing; keep it fresh, original and varied - a bit like life!

Filter it – use different filters to highlight and enhance your images – it’s surprising what a filter can do to a picture.

Use hashtags (wisely) – Add a hashtag or two to your uploaded image, but don’t go overboard. People do not want to see #averylonghashtagthatishardtoread or indeed #a #hashtag #before #every #word.

Use your hashtags wisely (and sparingly); the key tip here is to hashtag what the main focus of the image is about. If you have uploaded a picture of your dog, the #dogsofinstagram hashtag is appropriate.

Also, use locations – if you are out and about, remember to use your location as a tag, a bit like checking in via Facebook. It is the perfect way of showing off your busy social life and connecting further with people.

The Don’ts:

Beg – Begging for followers is never attractive, and it hardly ever works! Instead, gain more followers naturally – connect with your Facebook and Twitter friends on Instagram, and use your hashtags to get further interaction.

Go overboard – don’t post picture after picture after picture, this is a sure fire way to annoy people. Post throughout the day, or add images over the space of a weekend. Your pictures will still get seen but you will reduce the risk of ticking people off!

Steal images – this is a big no-no. If you really like someone’s image, even if it is a quote or something as simple as a picture of a pair of shoes, it is proper etiquette to ask the original user if you can repost it. If you get permission, remember to give them a credit mention in your description.

Keep it private – if you have a private image to share between family or a friend, do just that. Keep it private by sending it as a Direct Image, which is a bit like a Direct Message on Twitter or a Message on Facebook.

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