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Is Pay As You Go Right For Me?

Pay as you go (PAYG) is a simple choice for anyone who wants to have full control over how much they spend on using their mobile phone or who doesn’t want to be tied in to any kind of contract.

We wanted to give you all of the information of owning a mobile phone with a PAYG sim card so you can make the best decision for your needs.

How does PAYG work?

The pay as you go world has evolved so much compared to the days when you would top up with £10 and pay 5p per text with no inclusive minutes or texts. Historically, if you were a heavy phone user you would need a monthly contract to cut the cost of your bills, but not anymore!

Nowadays, if you sign up for a new phone on a contract you will pay a set amount each month determined on your average usage, this would give you a desired amount of minutes, text and data. The cost of the handset is also added to the monthly cost and spread out over the course of the contract.

Asda Mobile Example of Monthly Contract Cost with Handset

Instead opt for PAYG and you are free to top up with credit when you want to or when you feel like you need to. However, you do need to buy a handset outright or use an existing phone.

Asda Mobile pay as you go customers can top up their phone by calling 2732, texting a specific bundle number to 2732 or alternatively you can top up anywhere you see the “top-up” symbol.

Asda Mobile Top Up Locations

For more information on Asda PAYG bundles visit our bundles page.

So Why Choose Pay as You Go?

There are plenty of reasons to choose pay as you go over a contract phone. We think these are the most important reasons.

Cost Effective

The most positive reason for opting for pay as you go is that you only ever pay for the calls, texts, and data that you use. Meaning, you don’t end up going over your allowance and paying double the cost of your bill or using a lot less minutes and feeling like you are not getting your monies worth.

If you are on a budget, PAYG is perfect because you can monitor how much you top your phone up so if you are short one month you can refrain from topping up and just use your phone less.

No Contract or Credit Checking

You are not tied in to a lengthy contract when you opt for pay as you go. This means that you do not have to go through a credit check to see if you are eligible. It also means you can leave the service whenever you like.

Also, it means that if a new tariff or bundle pops up you are free to change until you find the best one for you.

Always Be Reachable

If you are running short on money and you cannot pay your contract phone it is likely it will be cut off until you can make payment. Often, this means your phone is left useless because you cannot make or receive calls or texts and you certainly won’t be able to use data.

If you were on pay as you go and you can’t afford to top up you would still be able to receive calls and texts. You’d never lose touch with family and friends!

No High Monthly Payments

With a pay as you go phone you don’t have high monthly costs of paying for a mobile phone as well as your usage allowance.

You can purchase a PAYG mobile phone for as little as £5. So there is always a phone available for whatever budget you are on.

Child Friendly

If you have kids, particularly teens, you will no doubt have heard the cries for them wanting their own mobile phone. However, with this comes the worry of them running up massive bills.

PAYG can solve this problem, you can control their balance and, as mentioned above, if they run out of credit you can still get in touch with them.

Get Started

Now you have all of the fabulous facts about pay as you go sim cards why not order one from Asda Mobile and give it a go? We think you will be surprised at how easy it is.

Want to keep your existing number? Not an issue. Look at how easy it is to transfer your old number to a new Sim Card.

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