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How Your Phone Can Help You Throw the Best Dinner Party

Got a few friends coming round for dinner? No big deal. Except that this isn’t a few beers and a few packets of peanuts. No. This is a dinner party. You’ve already told them to expect big things from your culinary prowess, so the pressure is well and truly on.

But wait, don’t let all that get you down. You might have just a couple of days to get everything prepared, but at Asda Mobile we are here to help! Your smartphone can be your best friend in times of need, so here are some ways your phone can help you plan – and have – the best dinner party of your friends’ lives.

The menu Planning the perfect menu can be difficult. Where to start?! The answer, of course, is the beginning. To get some inspiration for your starters, head over to Pinterest where there are thousands of ideas for what to serve. Once you’ve found your perfect appetizer, you can build the rest of your menu around that. For example, if you start with something fish based, you might want your main course to be meat based, for balance. So, start simple and build out.

The ingredients Not got the time to run to the shops and pick everything up? Don’t panic: let the shops come to you. Your favourite supermarket is likely to have an online delivery service, Asda, of course, certainly does. You could even try some of our fantastic and extensive organic range.

The Recipe If you’ve never cooked your recipe before, we’d recommend giving it a bash the night before. Again, your phone is your best friend here. Bought a side of belly pork but don’t know how to separate the meat from the bone? Bought a couple of lemon soles but don’t know how to prep them for the pan? YouTube is your best friend.

There are also apps like Sidechef that will talk you through a recipe step by step, with photographs and videos to give you the confidence you need to have a real go at it.

So there you have it: everything you need to have the best possible dinner party. If you need to upgrade your phone’s data to download all of these great apps, check out our brilliant SIM-only bundles here!

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