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How to Survive Christmas Shopping with Your Phone

For many people, Christmas shopping is a glorious experience, knowing that on Christmas day, you’re going to be able to witness your loved ones’ shining faces when they open your well-considered gift. That said, some of us find Christmas shopping a complete nightmare.

From our poorly judged decision to do all of our shopping at the very last minute, to deciding that bringing every member of our family along for the ride might be a good idea, some of us might need a bit of a hand with surviving Christmas shopping. At Asda Mobile, we’ve come up with this survival strategy that lets your phone do some of the hard work so you can focus on picking some awesome presents!

1. A list fit for Santa…

What’s that you say? You’ve made your shopping list on a sticky note and accidentally spilled your coffee all over it? Silly you, you should have made a digital list on your phone. Apps like Evernote are perfect for this, as they let you compile your list on your computer and then sync it to your mobile! Easy.

2. In and out

Christmas shopping is about making sure you get in and out as quickly as you can. If you live in a big city like London, apps like Citymapper provide invaluable insight like how to avoid the road closure on the route you’d usually take, and its ‘Get Me Home’ feature helps you find the fastest route possible using real-time data.

Speaking of which, Google search results on mobile are now starting to show where the busiest shops are in your location, helping you to circumnavigate the most frantic shopping experiences. Good work, Google.

3. Find the deals

Many retail stores have price match options, so if you see a deal from a store that’s a little out of the way, you might be able to get your chosen destination to price match—if you can show them the deal on your phone, of course.

If you’re looking to shop local, your phone is your best friend, too. Use Facebook to find local markets and track the events using Citymapper. You’ll get great deals on one-of-a-kind items.

4. Entertain yourself!

If you’re shopping alone, don’t forget to download a podcast or 3 for your shop. If you’re going to be out all day, it can be really dull if you don’t have any entertainment. We’ve recently written about some of our favourite podcasts, so get downloading.

5. Bags of battery

With all of the above going on, you’ll need to try and retain as much of your battery as possible. Make your list on your PC at home, plan your route and download podcasts while you’re still on your wifi and while your phone’s on charge, and then once you’re out, ensure you turn off Bluetooth and reduce your screen’s brightness.

Make sure you don’t get caught short on your data. Our mega 30-day Christmas bundle gives you 20GB of data for £10!

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