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How to Make Your Bonfire Night Party Perfect for Instagram

Bonfire Night: jacket spuds, warm coats and fireworks. Of course, the best part about bonfire night is the fire itself. Naturally, you’ve spent the last few months drying out the deadwood that lays around your home ready to light up the perfect fire or, more likely, you’ve bought some from Asda!

But with this being 2016, you can’t just have a party, you need to make sure that your bonfire – and the party around it – looks good enough to snap and put on instagram! Here’s what you can do to make your bonfire night party perfect for ‘gramming.

1. All fired up

Naturally, you need to make your bonfire awesome, and there are plenty of practical guides from the experts to help – safety first! We recommend creating a shallow pit, surrounding it with stones (to prevent the first spreading), adding small twigs, sticks and kindling, and then surrounding this with larger, longer-lasting branches, logs and other flammable materials.

A fire like this should burn for hours, giving your friends and family plenty of time to take great photos!

2. Bring on the banquet

No bonfire is complete without a fantastic array of delicious fiery food. The classics are jacket potato (simply wrap in foil and nestle at the edge of the fire for an hour after the flames have died down), and marshmallows on a stick.

For the perfect instagram opp, prepare a classic chocolate fondue and allow your guests to dip the charred, gooey marshmallows into the silky chocolate. Provide decorations like hundreds and thousands and edible glitter - there’s no way they could avoid taking photos of that!

3. Photo booth buffoonery

Yes, the party poopers will laugh and joke when you say you’ve hired a photo booth (along with the compulsory selection of silly props – think fake moustache and glasses…), but whilst they’re doing that, you and your fun friends can be taking brilliant photos from your phone and getting them live in moments, straight from the booth.

4. Sprinklers

To bring a little bit of additional… sparkle… to the evening, bring out the sparklers and get your photos at the ready. Take slo-mo videos of your sweet sparkler action and you will create something really special!

So there you have it. There’s how to make your bonfire night shenanigans 100% ‘grammable. Just remember, play safe!

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